Vendor Product Review for Magento 2

Vendor Product Review

In the growing online shopping era, the competition is at its peak. Also, no longer is a captivating product description and beautiful images of the product are enough to sell products. Online customers want more trustworthy sources of information that give real-life insight.

Yes! Here we are talking about Product Reviews.

These days, no online store is complete without a good spattering of reviews. There is a great impact on customers of individual product reviews. Hence, it also increases the conversion rate of your store.

The reviews are completely unbiased. They come from real customers who are using or used the products.

  • Product reviews create more informed customers.
  • It provides valuable insight that helps you to improve.
  • Helps in increasing the transparency between the store owner are the customers.
  • Develop a sense of trust between the consumer and the marketplace owner and sellers.
  • SEO benefits – It helps to increase traffic through Search Engine Optimization
  • Higher conversion rates for the business.

In online shopping, most of the customers see the product reviews or ratings before making the purchase. Surely, reviews of the products play an essential part in online retail. Product reviews help to accelerate traffic to the store. Hence, it increases the sales apart from making your brand among the trusted ones.

In addition,  it enhances the customer’s shopping experience. Many online shoppers make up their mind to buy products after reading their reviews.

Moreover, Product Reviews also build consumer loyalty. The customers can interact in the online store will help to build loyalty.

Product Reviews helps in increasing the CTRs and conversions on the store. The customer can receive some information about that product just by looking at its rating.

The reviews provide an unbiased insight into the products. It is an excellent way to give unbiased information about the store product. It comes from the people who have already used that particular product.

Running a marketplace means, you need to take care of numerous things at a time. Between this sometimes it happens when the customers misspelled some words in the review content or have provided the review regarding the product verbally. Usually, there are many sellers in a marketplace, then for the store owner, it gets very hectic to manage each product review.

So for that, the admin can give access to manage the review of the seller product to the marketplace sellers by their end with the help of Vendor Product Review Marketplace Add-On. This module facilitates the seller to manage and moderate the reviews for their product by themselves. Also, the seller can add the reviews which are given by the customer verbally.

Vendor Product Review for Magento 2: This module helps the seller to modify and add reviews of their products. The seller can perform various activities on the existing reviews, for example, the seller can Edit, Delete, Approve, Disapprove, or make any review status as pending. The admin will decide whether to permit the seller to do the changes on their product review by enabling or disabling this module from the back-end.

  • Marketplace sellers can add reviews for their products by themselves.
  • The reviews of the seller’s product can be deleted by the sellers.
  • Easy editing of the reviews given on their products.
  • The vendor can easily change the status of the Review as Approved, Disapproved, Pending.

Managing the status of the reviews given by the customers is an important part of the marketplace. And this module facilitates the same for the marketplace sellers.

Once the customers give their review on the product, the marketplace seller needs to verify those reviews. After reviewing, the seller can approve, disapprove of the reviews of the product. Also, for a time instant, they can make the status of the review as pending.


Magento 2 Vendor Product Review

Sometimes it happens in the eCommerce marketplace also the customers give the review directly to the sellers. In that case, the sellers can add the review on behalf of their customers.

Magento 2 Vendor Product Review

By mistakenly in some cases, the customers may misspell while giving the reviews. So with the help of the review editing feature, the sellers can easily edit the given review.

Magento 2 Vendor Product Review

This module also facilitates the sellers to delete the irrelevant or spam reviews given in their products.

Magento 2 Vendor Product Review

In the conclusion of this blog article, if you are running a marketplace and you want to share your responsibilities with the seller. So, in that case, you can use the Vendor Product Review module for Magento 2. This module helps the seller to moderate the review of their product on their own.

That’s all for the Vendor Product Review for Magento 2. Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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