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Uniting Opencart’s Payment Modules- Paypal Adaptive & COD

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One of the major concerns of making payment online is identity theft. What if a person opts to make an online payment through a payment gateway and discovers that the account details have been leaked or hacked.

To avoid such scenarios, it becomes quite necessary to choose a payment gateway which offers extensive security for online payments.

For security purpose, one can surely think of incorporating PayPal as one of the payment methods.

If a payment method is so popular and more than half of the population use it for making payment online, then it must have a handful of additional beneficiary features over other payment methods.

Let us discuss why one must choose PayPal:

  • For Security Purpose- Apart from splitting payments between the admin and the sellers, it offers high levels of security as the will have to provides the credit card details just once.

The next time the user makes a payment through PayPal, it will not ask the user for the credit card details as it saves it.

  • Transferring Money: just a mouse click away- Whether a user wishes to send money across the globe or to a nearby person, it can be done in just a mouse tap. PayPal offers fast and reliable money transfer services.
  • Discounts- The PayPal user may befit from the discounts it offers. This way a user can save some money.
  • It’s Free-  The good news is, its free! The user will not have to pay for the services in every aspect- no service charges, free processing etc.


We are very much aware of the concept of Cash on Delivery. One makes a purchase and on opting Cash on Delivery to make a payment which means that the customer would pay in cash to the delivery person for the order.

It is not necessary that a user must own a credit card to pay via cash on delivery. When the order arrives the customer can simply hand over the cash to the delivery on delivery

Paying online for orders is good but what if the order, let’s say, because of bad weather conditions, could not reach the customer.

Worst case is if the customer had already paid for the order and it is lost while on the way. Moreover, if the order was expensive, this would be quite disappointing for the customer in terms of monetary loss.

To avoid such scenarios, the customer may always opt to choose the Cash on Delivery option to make payment.  This would ensure that there is a loss in terms of money leaving the customer disappointed.

Some beneficiary factors to sum up COD are given below:

  • Develops the company’s trust in the customers and vice versa.
  • No haywire transactions as the customer just need to hand over cash to the delivery person.
  • No extra charges when paying via Cash on Delivery.
  • There is no chance of any fraudulent activity.

That’s all for Uniting Opencart’s Payment Modules- Paypal Adaptive & COD. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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