Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Shopware 

Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Shopware connects the customers with local stores and also transforming the shopping experience of the customers. This module is very beneficial for both sellers and buyers.

This module helps the admin can create a hyperlocal marketplace where the sellers can add their location where they can provide their service. The customers can enter their location and can check the available sellers and products in that particular location.

  • The seller can add multiple shipping locations.
  • Admin can add multiple shipping locations for sellers.
  • Location popup displays on the storefront to enter the location of the customer.
  • Admin can set a range of locations, units, and listing type (Products Listing, Sellers Listing).
  • After entering the location by customer products or sellers listing will be shown in a range of customer locations.

Hyperlocal is more localized than local. While local concentrated on significantly larger geographical areas like towns or cities, hyperlocal services are location-based services that have a well-defined area that can be as small as a few blocks of a neighborhood.

The hyperlocal products and services change with the location of the customers to allow highly targeted marketing for the sellers and businesses.

As technological advances, one size fits all mindset no longer works. Now, the focus is shifting toward providing a highly localized and customizable customer experience.

A simple example is the same websites in multiple languages depending upon the location of the visitors.


In the Shopware marketplace hyperlocal system, the customer can buy products according to their location. Whenever the customers enter their location then the customers will be able to see the sellers and their products available in the entered location.

However, this can be very beneficial for the sellers and the customers as it reduces the shipping cost and time. The hyperlocal system gives the advantage of shorter delivery distance to the customer that increases the speed of order satisfaction and also reduces the delivery costs.

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