Shopware 6 Seller Membership Groups

Shopware 6 Seller Membership Groups allows you to create as many membership plans as you want.

When an e-commerce business is initially started, it is essential for the store owner to keep a check on how many customers are visiting your store on a regular basis and how many of them become regular customers of the store.

Further, this is a must as customers play a major part in establishing a business. Marketplace Seller Membership Plugin for Shopware is one such plugin through which the sellers can lure more and more customers to a store through their membership plans.

Sometimes, the store owner(admin) wants to put the sellers of the marketplace into a few groups then set rules for those particular groups. The admin can charge a fee from the seller to include them in any particular group.

Moreover, the Shopware 6 Seller Membership Groups allows admin to categorize sellers into Gold, Platinum, Silver, and many more groups. These Groups will restrict sellers to upload a certain amount of products to their account, e.g. it will limit the number of product uploads. Admin can restrict seller/vendors based on product quantity & time.

  • This module is an add-on to the Shopware Multi-Seller Marketplace. To use this module you must install Shopware Multi-Seller Marketplace for Shopware 6. For more details refer to this guide.


Shopware 6 Seller Membership Groups allows you to create as many membership plans as you want. Each membership plan will come with various prices, duration, and products that will add.

Recurring, Accumulating, and Stable Resources: With the help of Membership plans, admin can access the collective data of your customers which will help you to plan your market according to the trend.

Predict the resources: Membership Plans lets you predict the profit structure of your products/services as the admin has all the information about the logged-in members.

Improve implementation of Marketing Strategies: In the Membership model, the admin gets the contact of their customers. Then, they can take the followup with the customers.

Loyal customer base: Membership program benefits long term relation with clients which create a Loyal Customer Base.

  • Admin can create a Membership Group then assign it to the seller.
  • The seller can purchase a membership plan from the Add Membership side menu in the storefront.
  • The seller can create a quote for extra quantity and price for adding products from Quote For Membership side menu.
  • Admin can make an Auto Membership of any membership group for automatically assigned to new seller on registration time
  • The seller can Approve/Disapprove its own products.
  • The seller can relist its own products after the expiration of the listing duration.

Shopware 6 Seller Membership Groups module, in this seller, can add the default number of products from the front-end.

Sellers can easily buy the membership plan directly from this Shopware store then manage their store.

Meanwhile, that limit is crossed then a message comes stating that the seller had exceeded the default set number for adding products.

The seller cannot upload the product in one more case i.e. when the time expires for a seller group that is set for the assigned group.

The admin can set the configurations as per the configurations set by the admin, the memberships shall be visible to the seller.

Memberships are important for a seller as they can develop goodwill amongst the admin by luring more customer traffic as well as generating more revenue for the store.

In the Shopware 6 Seller Membership Groups module ‘both time and products’ are chosen against the membership type by the admin then both time duration, as well as the number of products, are provided by the admin.

Shopware users can enable the auto-renewal option in a plan to automatically reactivate the plan for the particular customer upon expiration.

After that, the automatic plan activation will take place for the customer after the order confirmation in Shopware.


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