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Prestashop Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway

User Guide

Prestashop Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway: The module will let the sellers on admin’s site to have their buyers pay through Stripe Payment Gateway. Using this module, now the buyers will not be redirected to any other site while making the payment. They will remain on the site and can make the payment through credit card using stripe payment method, thus giving a more user friendly experience to the buyer.

There will be a split in the payment once the buyer pays. The seller’s share will be transferred to seller’s account and the admin share will be sent to admin account. In case the seller does not register to the stripe account through the module, then the whole payment goes to the admin.

Before buying this module, you have to visit stripe.com to check whether this payment gateway is available in your country or not.

Note : This module is an add-on for marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install Prestashop Advanced Marketplace.

  • Stripe Payment Method added to your site
  • Buyer will not be redirected to other site for payment
  • Payment split to the seller and the admin, at the time of checkout
  • Enable/disable payment method from admin panel.
  • Manage refund by sellers directly from his stripe account easily.
  • Faster payment processing

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