Prestashop Marketplace Seller Wise Payment

Prestashop Marketplace Seller Wise Payment enables the store owner to restrict specific payment gateways for particular sellers. Payment methods assigned by the store owner to the seller will be available to customers for placing the order.

In default Prestashop, the store owner cannot restrict payment gateways for specific sellers on the marketplace. They can only disable the payment gateway for the entire store. This extension lets the store owner determine which payment methods should be assigned to which sellers.

As each payment gateway has its advantages as well as disadvantages and may not be suitable for the sale of products of each seller. With this extension, the store can choose to show the payment modes which have lower processing fees and make customers feel secure while using them online.

For installing this module, you need to install the Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module first.

  • Admin can assign multiple payment methods to the sellers.
  • Customers can view only assigned payment methods on the checkout page.
  • A separate tab to view which payment methods assigned to which sellers.
  • All the payment methods will be available for seller products in case no payment method is assigned to that seller.
  • Sellers can view all the payment methods assigned to them by admin under “Assigned Payment Methods” tab.

Admin can assign payment methods to sellers by clicking on the “Add Seller Payment” button.

seller wise payment

Admin can:

  • Select the sellers to whom he wants to assign payment methods.
  • Select payment methods to assign to the sellers.

seller wise payment

After assigning the payment methods to sellers, the admin can view the list of sellers and payment methods assigned to them.

Once admin has added payment methods for sellers, then they can view payment methods assigned to them under a separate “Assigned Payment Methods” tab.



Customers can view the payment methods assigned by admin to the seller while placing an order on the checkout page.


What if customers adds products of different sellers assigned with different payment methods?

Suppose there are two sellers Peter Doe and John Doe on the marketplace. Admin has assigned Pay by Check payment method to Peter Doe and Pay by Bank Wire to John Doe. A customer won’t be able to place an order if he has added products of both the sellers in the cart. An error message will display on the cart page as shown below:


Note: If you want that a customer can purchase products of different sellers assigned with different payment gateways. Then you need to install our Prestashop Marketplace Seller Wise Checkout module. This module split the order in cart seller wise so that customer can checkout and pay for each order separately.

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