Prestashop Marketplace Seller Wallet

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Prestashop Marketplace Seller Wallet: With this module, seller can create a voucher of the pending amount that has to be paid by admin to seller. Using this module, seller can maintain a wallet showing the voucher details that are created for the amount due from admin. Seller can get the voucher details from the wallet balance.

The voucher that are created will also work for partial payment. For example – If a seller creates a voucher for 1000 USD and then uses the voucher for buying a product for 600 USD, then a new voucher would be created for 400 USD. Then this 400 USD can be used to buy another product.

Note : This module is an add-on for marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install Prestashop Advanced Marketplace.


  • Seller can create voucher for payment due from admin.
  • Vouchers are added to seller wallet
  • Vouchers can be used for partial payment, while purchasing the product
  • Seller can keep a track of the amount that are refunded from voucher or has been paid by the admin
  • Seller can easily check the balance available in the wallet, ie. the vouchers left.
  • Seller can get the voucher code from the wallet