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Prestashop Marketplace Sample Product

User Guide

With Prestashop Marketplace Sample Product, sellers can offer samples to customers and let them try the products which in turn influences their purchase decision. The marketplace sellers can promote their products and gain new customers by providing free samples on the store. Multiple options have been provided in the module to set the sample price of a product.

For installing Prestashop Marketplace Sample Product, you need to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace first.

  • Admin can limit the number of samples a customer can add in a single cart.
  • Allow/Disallow guest users to order samples of a product.
  • With automatic stock update feature, quantity of a product gets updated when its sample is ordered.
  • Sellers can set the price of a sample product same as that of product price.
  • Option to set custom price of a sample.
  • A seller can provide free samples on the store.
  • Both admin and seller can view sample product details on “Orders” page.
  • Customers can also purchase samples of virtual products.

The module allows marketplace sellers to set the price of a sample product in multiple ways. Let us discuss them one by one.

Product Standard Price

Set the price of a sample product same as that of the product price.

Front End View

Set Custom Price of Sample

Front End View

Free Sample

Offering free samples to customers will help the marketplace sellers to attract more customers to their shop.

Front End View

Deduct fix amount from Product Price

Seller can set the fixed amount to be deducted from product price. The difference between product price and deduction amount will be sample price.

Front End View

Percentage of Product Price

Set percent of product price which will be deducted from product price. Difference between product price and its percentage is sample price.

Front End View

Offering product samples to the customer not only helps the marketplace sellers attract more customers but also gain their confidence.

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