Prestashop Marketplace Post Buy Request

Prestashop Marketplace Post Buy Request gives an amazing platform for customers to post their requirements and get quotes from interested sellers.  With the help of this module, customers can place their requests for the products and these requests will be sent to the sellers who have subscribed to these product categories. Sellers can easily communicate with the customers and can negotiate prices with them or know more about their requirements.

For installing this module, you need to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module first.

  • Version 5.2.x is compatible with Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace Version 5.3.x and above.
  • Prestashop Marketplace Post Buy Request Version 5.0.0 is compatible with Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace 5.0.x.
  • Version 3.2.x is compatible with Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace Version 3.3.x and above.
  • Version 3.0.0 is compatible with Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace 3.0.x
  • Enable or disable the automatic approval of seller plans.
  • Admin can set the default shipping.
  • Enable or disable the automatic approval of seller’s request for getting the leads.
  • Admin can allow/disallow the sellers to apply the tax to their lead product.
  • Admin can enable/disable the display of admin commission to the seller on request for deal lock pop up.
  • Send an email to the seller when his request gets approved.
  • Email notification to both seller and customer regarding their conversation.
  • Email notification to the seller when a customer makes payment for the request.
  • Display “Post Buy Request” option in the navigation bar and footer bar at the front end or not.
  • Edit or delete the seller’s request for a lead.
  • Admin can add, edit or delete a plan.
  • Admin can also set the number of days for which plan will be valid.
  • Set the number of leads a seller will receive in a particular plan.
  • Enable or disable a plan.
  • Set the categories for a particular plan.
  • Admin can view total Post Buy Requests transactions and seller wise Post Buy Requests transactions.
  • A seller can register for lead to receive post buy requests.
  • Both seller and customer can communicate with each other.
  • A seller can send a deal lock request to a customer by entering request title, price per unit, quantity, payment type, and shipment date.
  • Allow the customer to pay the full amount or partial amount.
  • A seller can view all the transactions through Post Buy Requests.
  • The customer can become a seller and register himself to receive Post Buy Requests.
  • A customer can post his request by setting the title, product category, quantity, price range, expected delivery time, and location preference.
  • View a list of all the sellers who have shown interest in a request posted by him.
  • A customer can view all the Post Buy Requests posted by customers by clicking on Buying Requests tab.

How to Start Receiving Post Buy Requests

Case 1: How a Customer can receive Post Buy Requests

If a customer wants to receive post buy request, then he has to register himself as a seller.


While registering as a seller, a user has to select Lead registration requests to receive post buy requests.


Once the request has been approved by admin, a new tab “Manage Post Buy Request” gets available for the seller.

Case 2: How a registered seller can receive Post Buy Requests

If a registered seller wants to receive customer’s requests, then he needs to register for lead under “Lead Permission” tab.


Manage Post Buy Plan

Post-installation, a new tab “Manage Post Buy Plan” gets available under Post Buy Request. From here, admin can add and manage plans.


Adding a New Plan

Admin can add a new plan by entering plan name, plan price, plan duration, the number of leads allowed in a plan, and selecting the categories for the plan.


A seller can view all the available plans by clicking on “Plan Available” tab under “MANAGE POST BUY REQUEST”.



By clicking on the “View Details” button a pop-up appears on a page where a seller can view plan details such as plan name, plan price, plan duration, and categories of a plan.

Purchase of plans will follow the normal Prestashop checkout process.

Once the seller plan request gets approved, he can view the plan details by clicking on “Plan & Category Subscription” under “EDIT PROFILE” tab.


Front End Workflow of Post Buy Request

At the Front End, a customer can view “Post Buy Request” tab at different positions.


A customer can also post a request by clicking on the “MY POST BUY REQUESTS” tab under “My Account” as shown below:


After clicking on “Post Buy Request” tab a customer has to click on “ADD” button under “MY REQUEST” to add his requirements.


When a customer clicks on “ADD” button a form appears on the website where he has to enter his requirements.


After clicking on “SUBMIT” button a customer can view details of a request posted by him under “NEW” tab as shown below:


After submitting the request, it will go to admin for approval.

Once the admin approves the lead request, a seller can view it by clicking on “New” tab under “Manage Leads”.


A seller can view lead details by clicking on the View button.


After clicking on the Interested button the Lead request status changes from New to In Process and a seller can view the lead by clicking on “View” button and start to communicate with a customer.


A seller can communicate with a customer by clicking on a “view” button.


Once a seller shows interest in a request by the customer the status of a request changes from “NEW” to “IN PROCESS” as shown below:


A customer can view a list of sellers who have shown interest in a request by clicking on “View” button as shown below:


A customer can view the buying request. Also, the customer can communicate with a seller by clicking on message button.


Upon receiving a positive response from a customer, a seller can send a deal lock request by clicking on “Request for Deal Lock” button.


When a seller clicks on “Request for Deal Lock” a pop up appears on a screen where he has to enter price per unit, quantity, shipment date, and selects “Payment Type” as Full Payment or Partial payment.


A seller can edit or delete the deal lock details. Please note that a seller can only edit or delete a deal if the customer hasn’t yet accepted it. After locking the deal, a seller can not edit or delete it.


Once a seller has sent the deal lock request, a customer can view it by clicking on a message button under Seller List of “MY REQUEST” tab.


A customer can view deal lock details by clicking on a message button.


A deal gets locked when a customer clicks on “I AGREE TO SELLER”S STATEMENT”.


Once the deal is locked by a customer then he has to either proceed to pay for his request or he can cancel the deal.


Payment for a deal will follow standard PrestaShop checkout procedure only.

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