Prestashop Marketplace Social Commerce

Allow your sellers to sell effectively on both Instagram and the marketplace with Prestashop Marketplace Social Commerce. Let sellers feature their products on Instagram by tagging them in Instagram posts and stories. Customers can view product image, information like product description & prices, and link on Instagram posts. Redirect customers to the marketplace product page from Instagram shop.

For installing this module, you need to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module first.

  • Enable marketplace sellers to sell their products on Instagram.
  • Sellers can tag the products in their Instagram posts.
  • Showcase the products in posts for Instagram followers.
  • Sellers can tag up to 20 products in Instagram carousel posts to display the product range.
  • Map the Google categories with the Prestashop product categories for the Instagram shop.
  • Export the Prestashop products in bulk to be featured on Instagram to the Facebook catalogue.
  • Create product stickers for Instagram posts/stories. Stickers allow the followers to know more about the product details.

Seller End Workflow

Post-installation, three new tabs: Facebook Catalogue, Map Category, and Export to Catalogue get available in the marketplace seller account.

seller marketplace account

Facebook Catalogue


For listing the products on Instagram, a seller must have the following details:

  • Facebook App ID
  • Facebook App Secret
  • Catalogue ID

A seller can obtain the App Id and secret while creating an app on a Facebook developer account.

Catalogue ID – A catalogue is a container where a seller can keep all the products he wants to sell on Facebook or Instagram. Whenever a seller creates a new catalogue on Facebook, he gets a catalogue ID that he needs to enter under the Credentials tab.

facebook catalog

After saving the App ID, App secret & catalogue ID, a button to generate Facebook token becomes available. Click on the button to proceed.


After clicking on the button, token is generated successfully. On the successful generation of token, a seller needs to close the page because of security reasons.

Export Settings

Under the Export Settings tab, a seller needs to enter the name & description of the default brand. If no brand is found while exporting the products to Facebook, then those products are exported with the default brand set by the seller.

export settings

Create a Product Catalogue on Facebook

The seller needs to create a product on the Facebook catalogue because Instagram allows products of Facebook catalogue to be tagged in the Instagram posts. Hence to do that, a seller must create a product catalogue and export his products to it.

To create a product catalogue on Facebook, go to catalogue manager and & click on ‘create catalogue’.

create a new catalogue on the facebook

Select the domain of business & click on ‘Next’.

Select business domain

Seller must select ‘upload products info’ as the process to add products to catalogue. The reason to select the first option is that the seller cannot connect to Facebook yet.

upload products info

After clicking on next, a seller can view a new catalogue under ‘All catalogue’ list.

facebook catalogue created

Map Categories of Prestashop

The catalogue of Facebook has an open API & Instagram allows the products of facebook catalogue to tag in Instagram posts/stories. Hence to achieve the functionality, the seller must send the products to the Facebook catalogue.

To export products to the Facebook catalogue, a seller needs to sync the categories of Prestashop with google taxonomy. The reason to sync/ map category is that Facebook only identifies the Google categories.

To send the products to Facebook, a seller must map the category with the Google category. Mapping of the category is very much important as these products need to be in one or the other category. Hence, to put the products of the shop in the right category, a seller map the categories with the google category.

Select the Prestashop store category & the google category to map them with each other.



A seller can also view the list of all the synchronized categories under Map Categories.


Export Products to Facebook Catalogue

To tag the products in Instagram posts, the seller needs to send the products to the Facebook catalogue. These products are sent to the same Facebook catalogue ID entered by the seller under the Credentials tab.

To send the products, a seller can search by their name pattern and select the products that he wants to send to the Facebook catalogue.


When a seller clicks on the “Export to Facebook Catalog” button, a new form opens on the screen where a seller can search the products based on product name pattern and send them to the Facebook catalogue.



After sending the products to the Facebook catalogue, a seller needs to click on ‘refresh product list’ to view the exported products to Facebook.


Now, the seller can select a catalogue from the dropdown to view the products & the status of the upload in the catalogue.

Select a catalogue to view products

While exporting the products to Facebook, a multi-language feed of the data is also exported.

select a Facebook catalogue to view products

The seller can view the products exported to the Facebook catalogue by clicking on ‘Products’. To view more details, click on the product.


After clicking on the product, a seller can now view its details.


Now, when a seller has an Instagram shop & is ready to launch the shop. Then he can proceed to connect the facebook catalogue with the Instagram business account. This will allow the seller to access all his products on Instagram.

How to Connect Catalogue With Business Account

  • Go to catalogue manager.
  • Select the e-commerce catalogue to connect with Instagram business account. Make sure that it must be a catalogue for products.
  • On the Use cases page, select Instagram Shopping and then Connect profile. Instagram shopping option only appears if a seller has eligible e-commerce catalogue.
  • Select “Add a new Instagram Business profile“.
  • In the pop-up window, a seller has to log in to his Instagram business account.

In this way, a seller can successfully connect his Instagram account with the Facebook catalogue.

After going through the aforesaid procedure, now a seller can tag products in both new and existing posts from his Instagram professional account. A seller can tag up to 5 products in a single-image post and video posts, or up to 20 products in a multi-image post.

To tag the products in posts of Instagram:

  • A seller needs to tap the products in the photo that he wants to tag.
  • For videos, a tray will appear where a seller can select up to five products he wants to tag.
  • Enter the name of the products to tag and then select them as they appear in the search box.

Click on the link to know more about Instagram Shopping.

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