Prestashop Marketplace Delivery Time Slot

Prestashop Marketplace Delivery Time Slot module will offer your customers to choose a preferred delivery slot.

The functionality to choose a preferred delivery time slot is very useful. It allows the customer to get the product at their convenient date & time.

This way, a shop owner also doesn’t face any problem as he/she can easily perform the actions to deliver the product at the customer’s preferred time.

In order to use this module, make sure to install the following two modules in your PrestaShop first.

  1. Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace
  2. Prestashop Marketplace Cart and Order Split
  • Offer your buyers to select a preferred delivery slot.
  • Customers will be able to select a preferred delivery time, day/date slot.
  • Keep the minimum time gap(in minutes) restriction for customers to select a time slot.
  • Also, keep the minimum time lead(in days) restriction for selecting a date slot.
  • Customers can also update delivery slot details from the order details page.
  • An option to update the order details is available till the admin update the order status.
  • Enable or disable the delivery time slot for customers.
  • Choose to enable or disable the delivery day slot for customers.
  • Also enable or disable the delivery date slot for customers, only if the delivery day slot is inactive.
  • The time slot can be kept active with both day slots or date slots.
  • Time display at the checkout page is in 24 hours format.
  • An option to choose the seller wise delivery slot is also available at the checkout page.
  • Time Slot: On enabling this option, your customers will get an option to choose the preferred time slot for the delivery.
  • Minimum Time Gap: Enter the time gap that you want your customers to choose between the time slot.

For example: If you keep the minimum time gap as 20. Then, your customers must select a time slot that has a gap of 20 or more than 20 minutes.

Say a customer selects a time slot of 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Then, it’d be okay as the time slot contains more than 20 minutes gap.

Whereas, if a customer tries to select the time slot as 10:00 AM to 10:19 AM. Then, in this a case, a customer will see an error message.

  • Day Slot: Enable this option to let your customer select a day as the preferred delivery slot.
  • Date Slot: This option will allow your customers to select a date as the preferred delivery slot.
  • Minimum Time Lead: Enter the minimum time lead in days. The minimum time lead ensures that a customer can choose a delivery date after the minimum time lead only.

Let me just explain with an example to make it clearer.

Say you keep the minimum time lead as 5 days. Now, a customer begins to select a preferred delivery date on the checkout page.

Now, what they will observe? They will observe that they can only select that delivery date which is 5 days after today.

For example: Say, today is 16th August. Now on the checkout page, your customers would only be able to select a delivery date as 21st August or any date after that.

Configure Marketplace Delivery Time Slot

Note: You can either enable the date slot or day slot. Both of them can not remain active at the same time.

Various cases arise by enabling or disabling options of the configuration settings. To have a look at all those cases, please view the user guide of the module.

In case, if a customer adds products of multiple sellers in the cart. Then, delivery slot selection for each seller will be available separately.

The functionalities of delivery date/day selection will work in the same manner as described earlier.

Seller wise delivery slot functionality

After placing the order, two different orders will be created.

The delivery slot details for each product will be available on their respective seller order details page.

seller 1 order details page

seller 2 order details page

Two different orders will also be available on the admin’s end.

two orders created at the admins end

In the same way as above, delivery slot details will be available for each product on their respective order details page.

seller 1 admin order details page

seller 2 admin order details page

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