Prestashop Marketplace Booking and Reservation System

With Prestashop Marketplace Booking and Reservation System you can convert your Prestashop store to multi-vendor booking marketplace. This module allows your vendors to add booking products on the online marketplace and receive bookings 24 hours a day. Both admin and sellers can add various benefits/features/discounts with the booking product.

Note : This module is an add-on for Marketplace Module. To use this module, you first have to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace 

  • Admin has an option to consider the last date for the price calculation of a booking product or not.
  • Admin can add booking products on behalf of the seller as well.
  • Set Monday as the first day of week from the configuration.
  • Add booking price rule on behalf of seller to their products.
  • Display Google Maps on the booking product page to show the location.
  • Sellers can add the date range and time slots booking product type.
  • Sellers can disable booking of a product for special days(i.e. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri etc) by selecting the days.
  • Disable bookings for specific dates by setting up the date range.
  • View total available quantity, total booked quantity and price of a booking product for specific dates or special days under “Availability & Rates” tab.
  • Seller and admin can set the quantity in each slot of time slot type booking.
  • Also, add multiple time slots for different date ranges.
  • Display the regular price of product in strike through if price rule is added to the booking product.
  • View all the booking products under “Booking products” option.
  • Search the booking products by applying the filters.
  • Admin and sellers can set the time to close the booking of a product, before the starting time of booking product.
  • For different time slots, add different prices for booking a product.
  • Disable the time slots for booking a product for special days(i.e. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri etc).
  • Disable the time slots for booking a product for specific dates.
  • View available quantity, price, booked quantity and status of a booking product for different time slots for a specific date and special days under Availability & Rates tab.
  • Booking price rule functionality which allows the seller to provide various features, benefits, and discounts to the customers for booking the product(s).
  • Add booking price rule for a specific date range or specific date.
  • Set special days for which booking price rule(made for a date range) will be applicable.
  • A customer can view booking products on the category page and book it anytime 24*7 as per their convenience.
  • Both admin and seller can create the order for booking products on customer’s behalf.
  • Also, a customer can view the booking product information in order confirmation email.
  • Booking product information will also be mentioned in the invoice of an order.
  • A customer can avail various benefits and discounts by booking the products online.
  • Restore the quantity of the product on order cancellation.
  • The module is multi-shop compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.4.0/3.4.0 and above.
Seller Account
After the installation of the module, new tabs get available in the seller’s account to manage booking products, orders, and price rules.

Add a booking product here by clicking on the ‘ADD BOOKING PRODUCT’ button.



Booking before

Set the time period before the launch time of a booking product to close its booking.


There are two types of booking product available in the module: date range and time slots.

After clicking on the ‘Save’ button, a seller can view the booking product under the “Booking Products” tab.


Add Basic Information of Booking Product


Uploading Booking Product Image



The seller can set the coordinates to display the location on Google Maps on the booking product page.


Front End View



Disable Dates/Slots

The seller can set the date range for which he wants to disable a booking product.

Disable Special Days

Seller can select the special days (Mon, Tue, Wed) for which he want to disable the bookings.

Front End View


Disable Specific Dates

Seller can set the date range for which he wants to disable the bookings.


Front End View


Availability & Rates

View the available/booked quantity and price for booking product on a specific date under the Availability & Rates tab.


Add Basic Information


Uploading Booking Product Image




Booking Time Slots

A seller can add booking time slots by setting the

  • Date range of the slots
  • Time from & Time to of the booking product
  • Price for the slots
  • Quantity of the booking product.


Front End View


Disable Dates/Slots

  1. Disable Special Days – A seller can disable the time slots for booking a product for special days.


2. Disable Specific Dates


Front End View


Availability & Rates

A seller can view available/booked quantity, price, and status of a time slot for a specific dates under the Availability & Rates Tab.


Click on the Add Booking Price Rule button under “Booking Price Rules” tab.



Date selection type

The seller can add a booking price rule for a date range or a specific date.

Plan for special days

The seller can set special days in a date range on which the booking price rule will be applicable.

Impact way

The option lets seller select whether the booking price rule will increase the price or decrease the price while booking a product.


Front End View


The seller can view orders for booking products under the “Booking Orders” tab.

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