Integrating to your Opencart USPS Shipping

Let us start off by establishing an idea about the USPS shipping. USPS or the United States Postal Service is a postal service which offers delivery of products in the United States region.

USPS is the need of the hour; we can say that because in today’s era it is important for businesses to increase their horizons and reach out to the mass, specifically customers. So, what better than USPS.

To provide a cost-effective, authentic and efficient delivery services, both Domestic and International, to customers so as to fasten connections between businesses and customers is the main goal.

To achieve this, one must introduce with the USPS shipping.

Heading off to merging to your USPS shipping. Before this, what is is an online shipping service which integrates with USPS and allows businesses to process and print the shipping labels and USPS stamps through a regular printer.

USPS shipping has its own benefits and consolidating it with the Openacart is like cherry on the cake.

If you wish to provide first-class Domestic and International delivery services to your valuable customers, then why not fuse your Opencart’s Marketplace USPS shipping with

Your customers completely count on you- for products and for services as well.

Consider a scenario, a customer comes across your website and decides to check out the products in your store. There are chances that the customer ends up buying some commodity/ commodities.

The customer has done his part. It is the store owner’s turn to carry out his task. Delivering the commodities on time to the customer should be the major priority of the store owner.add-to-cart

As soon as the customer places the order, the store must deliver the products to the customer within time. This will develop the trust of the customer and create goodwill amongst customers. customer-orders

Consider another scenario, where a customer places an order with your website but the product does not reach the customer on time. What next! Definitely, an unhappy customer.

In the use case scenario, you end up losing a valuable customer as the customer may withdraw from buying the product which is also a loss in terms of revenue. This also creates a negative image in the eyes of the customers.

Therefore “Customers First” !!

That’s all for Integrating to your Opencart USPS Shipping. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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