Opencart Multi Vendor Amazon S3 Extension

The Opencart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 extension facilitates the admin and sellers to store the downloadable product files on the Amazon S3.

Data security is the prime concern for the entrepreneurs to ensure that their data is protected from all the offending activities performed by hackers.

Certainly, the Opencart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 is the key to avoid data loss, keeping the integrity of the data intact, data availability at run time, security, and also for secure data storage.

As it works well and supports downloadable products, the downloadable files links are stored in the Amazon server.

Moreover, their links which are created on the Amazon S3 bucket are easily accessible to the customers, who can download these links irrespective of time and place.




Online data hacking has become one of the major concerns for online business entrepreneurs.

Suppose your website has a lot of images or videos, you can put them on dedicated servers.

But the problem is you need to be sure that the images/videos are secure.

Plus backed up properly, and also are accessible when there is a lot of load and traffic on your website.

Amazon S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service. It is an Object Storage Service provided by the AWS or Amazon Web Services.

It enables us to store a large portion of the data in the Amazon S3 bucket.

Moreover makes it accessible for the users at any time of the day and at a comparatively faster speed.

This reduces the local server load and generates backup files on the Amazon Server, which can be recovered whenever there is a downtime situation.

Hence Opencart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 is one such solution that facilitates the admin and sellers to store the downloadable product files on the Amazon S3.


  • Works well the Opencart Marketplace downloadable products.
  • This module help store the local data on the Amazon Server.
  • Distributes the data load of the local server/ store.
  • Admin can set which file can be uploaded on the Server (Local/Amazon).
  • Admin can allow the sellers to upload the products.
  • The seller can download and store the files on Amazon S3 Server.
  • Customers have the leverage to download the files from Amazon Server at any time and place.




The admin needs to Edit the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3, to configure the module settings.

Economical Charges

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 module is available at quite an affordable price. Authorizing the entrepreneurs to store the data at the Amazon S3 server for proper functioning.

Data Availability

Putting the Data on Amazon S3 gives you 99.99% availability that will protect your data. Data will remain preserved against network and power problems as well as against hardware defects.

Safe and Secure

Data stored in Amazon is secure by default because only the owner and bucket have access to Amazon S3 resources. It gives the encryption for both secure storage and secure hookup.

Easy to Manage

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 has made the data storage process easy to manage for entrepreneurs.

Downloadable Product Sorting

The admin/ sellers can pick any product from the product list and edit the product to add the downloadable product, against the Downloads field.

When admin/ sellers saves the product, a link will be created on the Amazon S3 and the product is saved on Amazon Server.

Downloadable Product Creation

Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 works well with Opencart Marketplace Downloadable products. Both the admin and the sellers can create downloadable products in their respective panels.


Store Date/Files On Amazon Server

Facilitates the admin and the sellers to upload/ save files digitally on the Amazon server.

Set Permissions For File Upload

Empowers the admin with the leverage to configure the files which can be uploaded on the Server.

Spread Load of Local Server

The module distributes the data load on the remote server (Amazon S3) to avoid data loss.

Download Files From The Amazon Server

The customers can download the files from the Amazon server regardless of time and space.

Henceforth, you can see the benefits of using the Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 plugin for Opencart Marketplace.

Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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