Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

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Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart add-on has the facility to start an online e-commerce store in few minutes by completing the three-step registration process. Using this module a client/ tenant can open the online e-commerce store of their mapped domain name. This will convert the store into a virtual e-commerce mall.

 The clients/tenants do not need any plugin or other installation. They just need to complete the sign-up process and then they can sell their products online. Multiple tenants/clients can register themselves and access simultaneously.

Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart extension is a very useful tool for the store owners/tenants to start an online e-commerce store. There is a very simple sign-up process to create an e-commerce store for the tenants and they can start selling the products online.


Tenants can easily manage their e-commerce store from their tenant back-end panel. The commission can be viewed by the tenant that is set by the primary admin.  

Benefits of Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

  • Primary Admin can view and add the tenants.
  • Primary Admin can set and view the commission for the products.
  • Themes can be assigned to the tenants by the primary admin.
  • Multiple tenants/clients can access at the same time.
  • Clients/tenants can create store websites of their mapped domain names.
  • No other plug-in required to install the module.
  • The easy three-step sign-up process for store registration.
  • Tenants can manage their store on their own.
  • The commission will be visible to the tenant from their back-end panel.
  • Tenants have their own back-end panel to manage the customers, sales and products, etc.


Store Registration Process

The tenants can sign-up by an easy three-step registration process and the online e-commerce store is ready to sell the products.


First Step Registration

The first step has the details like the first name, last name, username, telephone, etc. to be filled by the tenants.

Second Step Registration

The second step has details like country, region, and language, etc.


Third Step Registration

The third step has details like store URL, Store Owner Name, store address etc.

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