Opencart Marketplace Wholesaler

Opencart Marketplace Wholesaler extension allows the wholesalers to register at the wholesaler marketplace thereby allowing the wholesalers to set up their products as well.

The wholesalers can add their products with quote option.Sellers can quote the wholesaler products along with a message intended for the wholesaler.

The wholesalers will be able to manage their products, quotations, leads, and price rules.

Please Note – Since it’s an add-on for the Marketplace Module, so Webkul Opencart Marketplace module must be installed before using the Webkul Opencart Marketplace Wholesaler.

  • Anyone can register as a wholesaler.
  • The admin can add wholesalers from the back-end.
  • The admin can add wholesale products from the back-end.
  • The admin can check the leads that have checked his products.
  • The admin can add multiple units of quantity.
  • Wholesalers can add their products.
  • Wholesalers can check their leads and create price rules.
  • Wholesalers can communicate with the sellers.
  • Sellers can quote for the wholesalers products.
  • Sellers can add the quantity of the product and a message while sending the quote to the wholesaler.
  • The admin can add wholesaler custom fields like – select, radio, check-box, and much more.

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