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Opencart Marketplace Split Order

User Guide

Opencart Marketplace Split Order: Split Order is a Marketplace add-on for Opencart store which splits an order into separate order IDs for different sellers products. After adding products from different sellers in the shopping cart, the customers can select their preferred shipping and payment methods. Once completing the checkout process, different orders IDs will be created automatically.

The customers can view separate order IDs from their Order History section. The order will be divided into distinct order IDs according to the number of sellers/admin(if admin’s products are also included) in the shopping cart. Split Order helps in better management of the orders for both sellers and the customers.

Please note: – Split Order is an add-on for Marketplace module for Opencart. Please install Webkul Opencart Marketplace module first in order to use this add-on.

  • Separate order IDs are created for different sellers automatically after placing the order.
  • The customers can view detailed information about the separate order IDs from Order History section.
  • Order management for multiple sellers products becomes convenient for both customers and sellers.
  • The source code of Split Order add-on is open for customization.
  • The customers can view each order IDs status separately for different sellers products.
  • Different order IDs benefit the customers and sellers at the time of handling return, refund, and exchange.
  • Marketplace Split Order add-on supports multiple language translations.

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