OpenCart Marketplace PayPal Commerce

OpenCart Marketplace PayPal Commerce plugin facilitates the admin of a store to integrate PayPal Payment Method for their customers.

Moreover incorporates the Instant and Delayed disbursement modes (also known as, PayPal Commerce)

Even the sellers can integrate PayPal for their customers only after authenticating with PayPal.

Both the admin and the sellers can process the refunds for the customers in their respective panels.

Important Note:


The priority of eCommerce marketplace entrepreneurs is to integrate a safe, secure, and trustworthy payment gateway for your customers.

A reliable payment option for the customer has forever been an essential factor “why any customer trust your website”.

You’ll lose your valuable customer gradually if the customer loses his money while making a purchase on your insecure website.

Better to use a secure and trustworthy payment option to provide your customers with a protected place to make the purchase.

Now Opencart PayPal Commerce Marketplace plugin comes into the picture. It facilitates the admin to integrate the PayPal Services for their marketplace.

  • Enable PayPal for customers.
  • Even the sellers can integrate PayPal for their customers.
  • Seller authentication with PayPal is must.
  • The client and the secret key is to be retrieved for configuring the payment method.
  • The admin receives the commission based on the sellers.
  • To enable Paypal services, the seller must authenticate with PayPal.
  • The payment gets split into the seller and the admin.

Integrate PayPal Commerce with Website:


PayPal, the world’s leading online payment company. Also provides its services in different currencies. Authorizes the admin of a store to integrate PayPal Payment Method for their customers.

Secure and Reliable Payment Method

Comes with built-in fraud protection which will keep the customers away from any payment frauds. Well known to be the most accepted and quick payment methods worldwide

Minimizes the Payment Frauds

PayPal ensures that no hackers misuse the critical information of the customer’s information. The one-touch feature of PayPal facilitates the users to just add the login details.

Either for domestic or an international customer, PayPal assures a faster, hassle-free, and secure payment for both.

PayPal Advantageous for Shoppers

Further, it offers an extended level of security. Even it does not save the critical info like CVV or pin in the online store’s database.

Also offers advanced tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Even helps the customer in not losing card information to the hackers.

Instant/Delayed Payment Disbursement Modes


Even the plugin integrates the Instant and Delayed disbursement modes (also known as, PayPal Commerce).

Easy to Process Refund

Furthermore, the plugin provides a smooth refund process for the customers for easy return. The store owners can use multiple payout ways for the payment transfer.

Henceforth, you can see the benefits of using the OpenCart Marketplace PayPal Commerce plugin for your Opencart Store.

Additionally, The plugin offers an opportunity for admin and sellers to symbolize the eCommerce website as a secure place for customers.

Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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