Opencart Marketplace Affiliate System

Affiliate System is one of the important features through which seller can have additional revenue for their products and at the same time affiliate users will get some commission from the sellers after the sales and unique clicks. Affiliate program is an essential factor for every big marketplace and now for the Opencart Marketplace, we have our own Affiliate System called Opencart Marketplace Affiliate System.

With Opencart Marketplace Affiliate System, a user (affiliate) will receive a commission based on Unique Clicks and sales. The seller can manage the Affiliate system from their end and admin will supervise overall system.

Since it’s an add-on for the Opencart marketplace module, so marketplace module must be installed before installing the Opencart Marketplace Affiliate System.

  • Enable/disable affiliate system by admin.
  • Choose the commission rate type to be Fixed Or Percentage.
  • Admin can choose various payment methods.
  • Allow seller to set Per unique click rate, Commission rate in Fixed or Percentage and Payout Settings.
  • Allow seller to send mail to the affiliates.
  • Allow seller to create text banners.
  • Allow seller to Unapprove/Delete/Edit their banners.
  • Allow seller to see affiliate summary with the payment method.
  • Allow admin to approve/delete/edit affiliate users.
  • Allow admin to send mail to the affiliate users.
  • Allow admin to see Traffic, All Clicks, Unique Click.
  • Allow admin to see monthly or yearly sales/traffic.
  • Allow admin to see affiliate payments.

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