Opencart Hyperlocal App A Boon For E-commerce Business

As the world is going ahead at a much faster rate where old ideas are once again becoming relevant. This is especially happening in case of e-commerce with the emerge of hyperlocal marketing.

Hyperlocal Marketplace is an e-commerce platform based solution built to serve the needs of the nearby target audience for their varied and instant needs within stipulated time duration by local offline business and services.

With the increase of the hyperlocal business and ease of technology getting handier. A Hyperlocal Mobile App is built which helps the customer to view localized market products without the hassle of exploring each store physically.

As the following is an add-on of the Hyperlocal Marketplace module, so you need to install the following Marketplace module for the app to function properly.

Why hyperlocal Marketplace Is Important?

With the Marketplace model gaining importance in the e-commerce system. The urge of the Hyperlocal marketplace integrated with the marketplace is getting hyped.

Most of the online retailers aim of faster delivery so that they can fulfill more needs in the lesser time span. This is quite a difficult task as the process of shipping will involve many entities which may lead to a lag in the delivery flow.

But with the Hyperlocal Marketplace, there can be guaranteed faster delivery which is quite beneficial in the business like food, medicines, and grocery.

Apart from the food and medicine industry, there is a big market for the service provider as well in the hyperlocal delivery model.

For Example: Want to cook food/wash your car? But not aware of any serviceman near you. Well with this model, finding one near your doorsteps is now easily feasible.

Get To Know Nearby Vendor 

When you have shifted to a new place, adjusting often can be a headache. Like buying daily grocery or food from the dining.

Settling takes time but if you are aware of the available vendor around you with just a few clicks then it will make your life a bit easier.

Get Quicker Delivery

Let’s take an example, for better understanding suppose you have to buy a medicine but do not want to wait for a month for its delivery but you also do not want to waste time searching the product in the market.

So in order to overcome this, Hyperlocal Mobile App helps you to provide the same product from the nearest store in minimal time.

Product Promotions via Push Notification

Many of us are unaware of the discounts during the search. This often leads to a drop in the purchase in the customer.

But with the custom Push Notification, the customer will get aware of the various offers and hot deals on the products that will not only instigate new customers but also increases the sales to a much higher level.

Search From Anywhere

With this module, the customer can add location-based with multiple ways.

Many of us have encountered such scenarios where you are unaware of what exactly is the location that you are at.

This often gets ugly when you want to make an online purchase. Wrong address or manually entered address mostly leads the courier guy ending up in the wrong location.

But with the Hyperlocal Mobile App, you can easily add the location using GPS or from Google Maps which often provides the exact delivery location.

Ease of Access

As the number of mobile users is increasing day by day as compared to the web user. Hyperlocal App will help you to provide the buyers with the User-Friendly layout and faster online shopping experience.

It becomes difficult for the buyer to search for the products through a laptop or computer. This difficulty is easily overcome by the hyperlocal app.

With the help of this app, the seller/buyer can ease up their following process.

The checkout process has also become very easy.

Buyers can easily search the order status and its details.

The various seller can easily check their orders and their sales reports with just few clicks.


That’s all for Hyperlocal Mobile App. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at



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