Odoo Booking & Reservation Management

Odoo Marketplace Booking & Reservation Management: Offering Time-based services and packages can be a great prospect for your marketplace. It adds a new category of products to offer to your customers i.e. bookings. An Effective management system ensures the proper scheduling of events and their timely execution. It also reduces the wastage of customers’ time and company’s resources.

Odoo Marketplace Booking and reservation Management Module allows you to manage the booking and appointments of the customers from Odoo Marketplace. It facilitates the creation of a new type of product- ‘Available For Booking’. These products can be made available on the Odoo marketplace alongside the normal saleable products.

The customers can simply click on the product and choose the available day for the appointment or reservation, then choose from the available time slots to place the order and confirm the booking. In addition, the sellers can add different plans and time slots as per the requirement or seating arrangement such as Gold, Silver, etc. The admin can approve or reject the plans and time slots in the Odoo backend.

The orders show up in the Odoo backend and can be handled by the Odoo admin and sellers.

Please Note: Odoo Marketplace Booking & Reservation Management Module is dependent on both Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module and Odoo Booking & Reservation Management Module. Both modules need to be installed first for Odoo Marketplace Booking & Reservation Management Module to work properly.

  • The module allows the customers to book appointments and reservations using Odoo website.
  • The Odoo admin and sellers, both can now create products- ‘Available For booking’ which allow the customers to book reservations and appointments on the Odoo marketplace.
  • A start and end date are added while creating the product to display the validity interlude of the event or reservations.
  • Time slots can be added as per the availability for the customers to book their slots on Odoo marketplace.
  • Moreover, the maximum limit for the number of bookings/reservations from one account can be set in the Odoo backend.
  • The admin can approve or reject the Booking product requests in the Odoo backend.
  • Once approved, the booking type products are displayed in the Odoo marketplace.
  • The customers can choose the available date, time slots and the number of bookings as per his choice and place the order to confirm his booking/reservation.
  • Once the order is processed from the Odoo backend by the admin or seller, the booking is confirmed for the customer.
  • The booking product can only be added once to the cart. The customer cannot add the product twice to the same order.

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