Multi-Vendor Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2

Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Subscription & Recurring Payments is the best solution for the business and stores that provide the subscription products or products that usually generally requires the recurring payments

The admin and sellers can create subscription-based products. They can also decide whether the category of order is subscription or products. It supports multiple payment methods. The sellers can also manage the subscriptions for its end. This can be done when then the customer will subscribe to the seller’s product. 



Enable Product For Subscription

The admin has to enable the products for the subscription. This can be done under the product edit page. The admin will also select the duration type for the product subscription. 

Automatic Payments

Most of the features do not allow the customer to take its leverage without logging in to the account. But this feature is independent of making the login process. 

The customer can also subscribe to the product easily and there is no need to their account over and over again to make payments as this extension automates future payments.

Supports Multiple Recurring Payments 

The module provides the customer to make the using the more feasible ways that are PayPal or Stripe. Not only these, to process the repeated payment for the subscribed products the mosule also supports online recurring payment methods like Stripe Recurring Payment and PayPal Recurring Payments.

Offline Recurring Payment Supported

Webkul always cares about all kinds of customers and audiences. So it also promotes offline recurring payment methods. With this, the customer can also make the payments without using the online automatic payments and the payment will be taken after the expected duration. 

Add Duration Types and Check Subscription Plans 

The admin has the leverage to check the subscription plans and create duration types. The admin can check the subscriptions done by the customers and also their details. Admin can view the details of subscriptions for checking the complete details. 

Generate API Credentials

For using multiple payment methods it is really important to create the API credentials for all the payment methods used. The look will be visible as shown in the image below:

The credentials will be created for the following methods:

  • PayPal API Credentials
  • Stripe Credentials 

The credentials required that are generated are mentioned as below. These all need to be added in the admin configurations also. 

  • PayPal API Credentials: Merchant PayPal ID, PayPal API, User Name, Password, Signature.
  • Stripe Credentials: API Publishable Key: Enter your Stripe API publishable key, Client ID, Account Id, and API Secret Key.

Leverage to Manage Settings

The admin has the leverage to manage the module settings from the backend. Further, the admin can manage the price scope of the subscription. The admin can also enable the price discount on subscription. 

The admin can also restrict the customer to add multiple subscriptions to the cart. If restricted then the customer can not add the products of multiple subscriptions to the cart. 

Create Duration Type

The admin can also create the duration of the subscription. Like some subscriptions are daily, monthly, quarterly, monthly, yearly, etc so the admin can create them accordingly.  They can be created simply by providing some basic information.  


Manage Subscription – Magento 2 Multi Vendor Subscription

The subscriptions done by the customers will be visible under the list of the Subscriptions. The information can be checked for any specific subscription. 


Seller Checks Subscription List 

The seller can also check the subscription for their customer. The seller can view the subscription details or change the status of any subscription to Unsubscribe. 



Make the recurring payments easier and provide the customer with the most feasible subscription module. Provide them the method to make their regular purchase easier and managed. 

Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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