Multi Vendor PayPal Commerce for Magento 2

Multi Vendor PayPal Commerce for Magento 2 – Choosing the right Payment Gateway is crucial part when setting-up an online e-commerce business. Customers always go with a secure and trustworthy payment method. No one wants to lose their hard earn money in any online fraud.

PayPal is one of the secure and trusted payment gateway around the globe. If you are running a Multi Vendor Marketplace Website based on Magento and looking for a trusted and reliable payment method then PayPal Commerce is for you.

Using Multi Vendor PayPal Commerce for Magento 2, the admin and the sellers can integrate PayPal Payment Gateway for their customers. It also helps the admin to facilitate Instant and Delayed payment features to their marketplace seller.

Also, the sellers of the Marketplace can integrate PayPal for their customers only after authenticating with PayPal.


To run a successful e-commerce business reliable, secure, and trustworthy payment gateway is the first requirement of an online business. To fulfill this, PayPal Payment Gateway is worth to use. It is a widely used safe, secure, and trusted payment gateway.

Multi Vendor PayPal Commerce for Magento 2 helps the store owner to provide the PayPal Commerce Payment options to their customer to make online payment safely and securely. This module also lets the marketplace sellers use their PayPal accounts to enable the PayPal Payment Gateway for their customers as well.

The admin can allow Instant and Delayed payments feature (also known as, PayPal Commerce).

  • The admin can use the secure and trusted payment gateway, PayPal to enable the payment gateway.
  • The admin can use the instant and delayed payment option to payout to the seller.
  • The seller can also use their Paypal accounts to enable PayPal for their customers.
  • The admin and the seller can easily refund to the customers.
  • The payment gets split into the seller and the admin.
  • The customer can checkout smoothly and securely.

To start with this module, and to know how to get the PayPal Client ID and Key please click here.

After the successful installation of the module, the admin can easily manage the functionality of the module from the admin panel easily.

The admin can decide the Title of the module to display at the front-end, select the Environment of the module i.e Sandbox, or Production, and fill the other required details to complete the module configuration.

PayPal Commerce for Magento 2 PayPal_Config

Click here to know more about how to generate Webhooks.

To enable the module at the seller end, the seller can find an option, PayPal Onboard. After clicking on it, the seller will find an Enable PayPal link as shown below –

PayPal Commerce for Magento 2 enable_paypal

Click here to know more about how to complete the seller authentication process on PayPal. After completing the process, the seller dashboard will display the “Set is Complete” message to the seller.

This module allows the admin to manage the Disbursement Modes in two ways –

  1. Instant
  2. Delayed

Instant – In the Instant disbursement mode, the admin can the payment is instantly transferred to the seller as soon as the customer makes the payment for the seller’s products.

PayPal Commerce for Magento 2 seller_td

Delayed – When the admin selects the disbursement mode as “Delayed,” the payment is kept on hold. In this mode, the admin has to manually transfer the amount to the seller by clicking on the “Release Vendor Payment” on the respective seller order.


The admin and the seller can manage the refund of their orders as well. The admin or the seller can navigate to their respective order history and find the “Credit Memo” option. Using this, the admin and the seller can “Refund” to the customers easily.


Furthermore, the customer can also purchase the products from multiple sellers as well. As payment made for multi purchase in one time hence the placed order id will remain the same for the sellers whose product got purchased.

If the customer adds the product of  the seller who does not have an active or authenticated account on the PayPal and proceeds for checkout then a message appears on the page to “remove the product from the cart.”


The customer will see the option to pay via PaPal if the seller and admin have enabled PayPal as a payment gateway. After adding the products to the cart, the customer can move forward to complete the checkout using the PayPal Payment Gateway.


So, the customers can easily and securely pay for the orders using PayPal.

That’s all for the Multi Vendor PayPal Commerce for Magento 2. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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