Marketplace Seller Badge System For Magento2

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Marketplace Seller Badge System For Magento2– This module allows the admin to add badges for different sellers according to their performance. This badge will appear at seller profile page so that buyers can know about the performance of the particular seller and the admin can manage the seller badge. Marketplace Seller Badge System for Magento2 is an add-on of Magento2 Marketplace Multi-Vendor module. So before using this add-on, you have to install Magento2 Marketplace Multi-Vendor module first.


  • The module allows the admin to assign badges for different sellers.
  • The admin can create multiple badges.
  • The buyer can see badges at seller’s profile page.
  • The admin can delete or change the status of badges.
  • The admin can manage the seller’s badge.
  • Admin can set rank of each badge from the admin-panel.
  • The codes are open source and it can be customized as per the requirement.