Marketplace RMA System for Magento2

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Marketplace RMA System for Magento2 will help in product and order return between the customer and the seller. The customers will be able to file a return or refund for a product. If the seller is satisfied with the RMA reason of the customer then the seller will be able to return or refund as may be the case. This is an add-on of Marketplace Module. To use this module, you must have installed first Magento2 Marketplace Module.

Features of Marketplace RMA System

  • Specifically designed for Magento2 Marketplace.
  • Customers can request RMA to cancel ordered quantity.
  • Customers can generate RMA for Refund/Replace.
  • Sellers can do a Full or Partial refund.
  • Allow seller to do an offline refund.
  • Dynamic selection of items for an order for making RMA request.
  • Admin will create the RMA reasons from his backend panel.
  • Admin will be able to see the seller-buyer conversation history.
  • Admin can see the list of all the RMA in the backend.
  • Admin can solve the Requested RMA for his products.
  • RMA history for buyer and seller with pagination.
  • Guest user can request a RMA to cancel order.
  • Guest user can generate RMA for Refund/Replace.