Marketplace Product Labels for Magento 2

In today’s era, we are aware of the fact that the competition in the eCommerce industry is at its peak. So in this growing era of eCommerce, the store owner needs to be updated by keeping the convenience of the customers in their mind.

The main motive of the store owner is to provide better customer service to grow their business. In this blog article, we will be discussing a method for growing your eCommerce business. For the same, we will be discussing labeling techniques of the product.

Let’s take an example of a full-fledged running eCommerce store. And in the store, there are a huge number of catalog and products are available.

In such a scenario, if any customers land up on your website by keeping in mind that they are only going to purchase the discounted items. Then, in that case, the purchasing process becomes lengthy for them. So, here available labels on the product solve their problem.

They just see the product with the attached discounted label and as per their requirement proceed for purchasing. The labels have become a prerequisite for running an eCommerce business today.

The product labeling in the eCommerce businesses has a direct impact on the sale of the store. Also, it defines its acceptance. It helps to provide additional detailed information about the products. Also, it defines the features of a product. A label makes the products easily findable for the customers.

Further, it is also an important part of a business’ marketing strategy. Product labels help to enhance the appeal of the product. And it does so by giving relevant and correct information about the product.

Marketplace Product Labels helps the marketplace owner to create different types of labels for their products. Also, they can give access to the marketplace seller to create and display various labels on their products as well.

The admin and the sellers can create the labels and can add those labels on their product. The labels are like a sale label, new arrival label, exclusive label, out of the stock label.

It will be beneficial in attracting the customer’s attention towards the specific product.


This module also helps the admin and the sellers whenever they want to highlight some of their products. It helps to grab the attention of the customers over those products.

Also, it helps to add custom labels on their product, which will attract customer attention. And may the customer end up buying that product.

There is a most famous quote “The first impression is the last impression”. You can create your product’s first impression by adding labels to it. The better-designed product labels give a better impression of your product.

Nowadays, online shoppers seek all information about a product, before purchasing it. So, the product labels help them out in finding the same.

The product labels serve an incredibly important purpose and can help a product or company stand out from the competition.

Webkul-Product Labels

One of the most important features of the product labels is generating an easily identifiable marker. It helps to establish the brand of the company that creating the product. When customers trust any brand, they are more likely to buy products of the same brand.

Webkul-Product Labels

The right product labels definitely save your customer’s time, which is a great deal for them. It allows the marketplace owner to leave a remarkable impression on their customers.

Webkul-Product Labels

Thus, that is all for the Marketplace Product Labels for Magento 2. Now, In the conclusion of this blog article, the product label is an important part of an eCommerce business marketing strategy. So what you are thinking of. Let’s integrate the Product Label feature into your marketplace.

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