Marketplace Multi Shipping for Magento 2

User Guide

Marketplace Multi Shipping for Magento 2 will benefit the buyers and sellers in a whole lot of a different way. This extension will assist the sellers to allow different Shipping methods for their products. The buyers will be able to select from the different shipping services from different sellers in the same order.

To use Marketplace Multishipping for Magento 2 extension you must have installed the Magento 2 Marketplace and one of our below-listed shipping methods.

  • The Sellers can allow their shipping services from their panel.
  • Buyers can select shipping according to sellers in the same order.
  • Admin has to install the shipping addon from above list to manage the shipping from vendor panel.
  • Sellers can choose shipping channel which they want to display at checkout. So that shipping will be based on per seller/vendor instead of the whole cart.
  • This addon will enable the shipping selection and freight calculation at the vendor level.

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