Marketplace Delivery Boy App for Magento 2

Magento 2 Marketplace Delivery Boy App is the only master key for the sellers and the admins to open up the ease of managing the delivery process. With this, the seller and the admin can manage the delivery boys and orders using the mobile application. Create the delivery boy account using the mobile app and assign them to the online delivery order.

The special feature provided by the application is that the delivery boy can set their status as online or offline. Offline status can only be set when the delivery boy has no more orders to serve. 


The seller and the admin both have the leverage to manage the delivery boys using mobile apps. Under the left navigation bar the admin or seller can manage the delivery boy, orders, dashboard, chat, and language.

Meanwhile, change the language according to the requirement. 


Moreover, add a new delivery boy to the marketplace using the mobile application sitting anywhere. You don’t need a proper setup. SImply they need to provide the following details;

Customer Details: The seller will enter the name, email, and mobile number of the delivery boy. 

Vehicle Details: The vehicle details will also be added like vehicle type, vehicle number, 

Password: The password will be given to the delivery boy by which they can log in to the application. 

Address: The address of the delivery boy will also be added under the profile section. 



Most times it happens that the sellers wish to access their orders and process them using their mobile phones. So, the Magento 2 marketplace delivery boy mobile application also avails this for their sellers.

The seller can select the particular order and assign the online delivery boy to that order. 


The delivery boy can also login to the application. The details like multiple types of orders are available there. The sales graph will also be visible there. After the order assignment, the delivery boy will receive the popup to accept or reject the order. Moreover, the delivery boy will check the respective order by navigating the Left Navigation Drawer


The mobile application has the special One Time Password feature available. This will provide customer authentication. Once the delivery boy changes the order status the customer receives the OTP and shares that to the delivery boy. After which the invoice generation. 


Make the delivery process much easier to be manage as now you can do all the related tasks using the mobile phone staying or traveling anywhere. This will ease the process of order management and you don’t always need to carry the system for managing the same.

Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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