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Marketplace Campaign Extension for Magento 2

User Guide

Marketplace Campaign Extension for Magento 2 is a performance-driven marketing module. Using this module the store owner can promote the store products, boost the sale and generate the revenue.

Using this extension the admin can create the marketing campaign for the products and also add the campaign banner.

The admin can schedule the campaign date and also allow the sellers to join the campaign within a time. The sellers receive the campaign joining request through the email.

Please Note – This is a marketplace add-on, so must install Webkul Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 first.

This module will help you-

The admin can manage and use this extension to create campaigns for the store. The admin can manage the date of the campaign. The admin can also add/ remove the sellers from a campaign.

This is one of the best marketing revenue generator extension for the magento2  store owner. Using this extension, the admin can create the campaign for the store.

Now the admin can create campaign banners and promotional banners for the store. The admin can send the campaign joining request to the sellers via email. Thus the admin can accept or reject the sellers from the campaign.

The admin also set the campaign terms and condition so that customer can see the T&C before making any purchase.

manage campaign

Now, the seller can easily join the campaign via email or through the marketplace seller dashboard. The seller can join the campaign by accepting the “campaign join request” sent by the admin.

The seller also has an option where the seller can join the campaign from the marketplace seller dashboard within a time.

join the campaign

Now, the seller can add/remove the own products from the joined campaign. From the campaign menu, the admin can also manage the product quantity of their own products.

manage campaign

Now, the customer can easily see the offers of the store. The customer can navigate to the offers menu to see the running campaign.

The customer can also see the campaign T&C from the campaign banner, and also the customer can share the campaign to the social media platform.