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Business Entrepreneurs must consistently strive to make their online store such that it is completely inclined to fulfill customer needs in terms of features, variety, better UI, easy payments etc.

This is also an eminent move so as to make a mark in the competitive e-commerce industry as it is growing invariably each day.


It is not easy, firstly to convert the visitors of a store into permanent customers and secondly, keeping them intact to the store.

A customer actually knows what he needs to buy. Suppose, I am a customer and I decide to buy a dress. I must have in mind that for which occasion I need the dress and owing to that I shall for surf for sites and stores online.

If for instance, I want to buy a red color dress and I come across a site and find out that they do not offer any red color dress.

It is likely that I shall go and visit other sites so as to buy a red dress. Therefore it is quite challenging to fulfill a customer’s needs and provide a better online shopping experience to the customers.


To become a renowned seller amongst customers, it is essential that one must step in the customer’s shoes and get to know about the customer needs.

Nowadays, if any customer is stepping out to make a purchase they look for more choice and variants for a product and opt for sites and store which offer a wide range of options for products.

Therefore, owing to the purchase scenarios of the customers, sellers nowadays, provide their customers with custom options and variations for products.

One of the most exigent features an online store can offer its customers is Custom Options.seller custom options

It is mostly mistaken with the Product Variation feature which is completely different from Custom Options.

Spotting the difference-

Product Variations are choices or variants one offers for products such as size, color, brand etc. Each variation combination has a separate SKU otherwise the buyers will find it difficult to choose the correct variations.

Through custom options feature, one can customize the product. For instance, one buys a t-shirt from a store and wants to get a quote inscribed on it. This way the buyer can restyle the t-shirt, accordingly.

Also, only one SKU is required for a custom option.


A buyer may have in mind to purchase a plain yellow t-shirt and later get it spray-painted with different colors. If a store facilitates spray paint on fabric as a custom option, then this store definitely has a happy customer.

When talking about custom options, it becomes mandatory to mention that sellers can create various custom options using input types such as textarea, checkbox, image, date and time, textbox, radio button etc.seller custom option

In light of the above let us discuss some of the factors associated with the custom options. These factors shall befit the sellers in a number of ways.

  • The sellers have the leverage to allocate various product options for products.
  • Customers can modify the product as per the custom options offered by the sellers.

seller custom options

  • A seller may configure a specific price for the custom options.
  • Most importantly, offering custom options shall open doors for limitless customization and buyers can restyle their products.
  • Quite easy to manage the inventory for custom options.
  • Enhanced shopping experience for users, therefore, increased conversions rates.

Inculcating custom options for products can be a good idea. It instigates the sellers or store owners to exhibit their products in a more refined way. Hence, providing a better shopping experience for the customers.

That’s all for Opencart Marketplace Seller Custom Option. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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