Vendors Scheduled Pickup for Magento 2

Every customer wants to take their order delivery at the earliest and truly the store owners can provide the same to yield more orders from these customers.

But the question is it that simple the answer is no as a store owner or as a part of the e-commerce service provider you know how complex the complete phases from order purchase to the moments goods reached their buyers is?

Much, before an order goes for shipping the package that is to be delivered, is not the first most step as obvious as it may seem.

The marketplace delivery boy pickup of the order from the vendor being the most crucial step as this also impacts will the product ordered by the customer will reach them in time.

Thus, to ensure that well enough we have to build a magento2 based e-commerce plugin that can take care of all such needs. So yes, keeping the pickup guy informed scheduling the pickup to reschedule or cancel if needed.

The vendor and the admin both can perform such functions using this module read the complete page to know thoroughly about how the module helps and simplifies the job of vendors and the admin both.


  • Sellers can manage custom pickup slots.
  • Sellers can schedule a pickup for orders.
  • The seller can cancel/reschedule a pickup for an order and use custom time slots.
  • The admin can set required permissions and time slots in the configuration section.
  • Store owner can manage pickup schedule records.
  • The admin can create a pickup schedule and can cancel/reschedule a pickup for orders.
  • The customer can also check the details of the pickup scheduled by the shipper for a placed order.
Note: This is an add-on of Webkul’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, so for using this module you need to install Marketplace modules first.

This module allows the sellers to schedule a pickup for the placed orders to deliver the shipment. 

This module solves the problem as it helps the marketplace delivery boy get the scheduled time to pick up the shipment from the vendor’s place. 

Once the customer places the order for the seller’s product then the seller can schedule the pick up for that shipment.

The seller can even reschedule or cancel the pickup for the shipment. The admin can set required permissions and time slots in the configuration section. 

The admin can manage pickup schedule records and can also cancel/reschedule a pickup for orders.

A store owner can give the vendor of their platform the access to create custom pickup time slots which eventually helps them manage pickups at their convenience.

Every order for the vendor by their customer can check for information regarding their status using different colours to denote their status.

From here, the vendor can schedule any order for the pickup or cancel/reschedule a pickup.


It is a healthy practice of successful marketplaces. That they show their customers as well the stipulated time period in which the purchased order may be dispatched for delivery.

This module also helps in that too. Thus, the customer can check about every order Pickup Date, time its status and product. Morover, who basically scheduled the pickup.

There are two ways in the marketplaces for the shipment. Either the vendor self-ship the item or the marketplace delivery boy picks up the item. Lastly, deliver it where the vendor can make the shipment directly.

But if the marketplace is making the shipment. How does the marketplace customer, vendor, or store admin know when the delivery person needs to visit.

The module helps the vendor and the admin to create pickup time slots and can cancel/reschedule these. Moreover, custom time slots can be created for the pickup. By the admin or vendor and can be used by both.

That’s all for the Marketplace module Vendors Scheduled Pickup for Magento 2 extension. If you still have any questions regarding the module please create a support ticket by clicking here or send an email to [email protected]

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