Magento 2 Multi Vendor Multi Warehouse Inventory Dropship

As the business grows, it becomes a very expensive and time-consuming task to deliver the goods from a single warehouse to customers.

Also, it becomes very difficult to manage everything in a single warehouse. Customers also have to wait for the products if the warehouse is far away from the customer address.

To overcome this problem, you can implement the multi-warehouse concept with the help of our Magento 2 Multi Vendor Multi Warehouse Inventory Dropship module.

Managing multiple warehouses is not an easy task. But having multiple warehouses is quite necessary to have smooth logistics and quality control system for growing online business and marketplace.

Nearly every big e-commerce website having multi warehouse setup such as  Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Alibaba etc.

This module will help you to –  

It is very difficult to reach a product to customers if a single warehouse contains all quantity of product.

Now, you can easily split the inventory of a product between multiple warehouses as shown below image.  warehouse-inventory

So seller can provide quick delivery of their products from the warehouse which is nearest to the customer’s address.

If Multiple warehouses have each product then customers can choose the shipping method(VendorDropship) according to the warehouse as shown below image. dropship-checkout

And, whenever a customer places an order the nearest warehouse to the customer’s address is assigned to the order.

So the customer will quickly receive the product from the nearest warehouse.

Its make a hassle-free logistic process for sellers. Sellers don’t need to worry about the shipment.

Because after assigning an order to a warehouse, the warehouse manager has the responsibility to deliver the product from warehouse to customer as shown below image. warehoue-order-manager

Warehouse manager can ship assigned products directly to the customer, eliminating shipping hassle and saving time for the product seller.

Every warehouse manager manages orders separately so they need to separate shipping prices.

Now, store owner and warehouse manager easily customize the shipping prices as per their requirement using CSV file and optimize the shipping costs as shown below image.Download-Sample

You can also check the Magento 2 Dropship Plugin for the single seller store as well to know more about how to set up the dropshipping and create multiple warehouses within the same.

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