Magento 2 Marketplace Weight Item Shipping

Why Marketplace Weight Item Shipping module? well as a customer, you might have noticed that unfavourable shipping rates and condition makes buyer reluctant from making a purchase they would rather choose not to buy even their most loved products. 

Moreover, this is a very common scenario seen in customer’s buying behaviour they don’t purchase items until they are ensured that a particular store is offering them a fair shipping rate.

All such problems of a shopper can be taken care of utilizing the features of the weight wise or quantity of an item, based applied shipping rates with so much for store owners and vendors as well. Ensuring that a loyal customer of your store is retained.

The marketplace weight item shipping module facilitates both the admin and seller to deploy the shipping rates based on weight or item(Product) as per their convenience.

Which includes a base price for the shipping method, and even can set the shipping rate per item as well as according to the weight of the product. 

Here, you will get to know more about the marketplace weight item shipping can help one enhance and increase the number of customers.

The merchants will be able to establish various shipping rules which will be used according to the item weight for the price calculation. The shipping rates depend on the weight of the product purchased.

Moreover, the sellers may additionally build supersets that allow the price to be measured based on the product’s weight. The shipping form and charges will also be shown on the invoice.

The vendor gives the store owners and vendors to change and set the price of shipping and the type of shipping from the available weight or item based.

The sellers are able to establish various shipping rules which are used according to the item weight for the price calculation. Further, the shipping rates depend on the weight of the organizations involved in the measurement.

  • The admin can enable/disable the shipping module.
  • The admin can set shipping rates for their products.
  • In addition, the admin can also update the seller shipping rates.
  • The seller can add the item or weight-wise shipping.
  • Sellers can add shipping rates from their panel.

In order management from the vendor panel, Magento2 Marketplace weight item shipping is super helpful.

The seller would be able to handle the shipment, produce an invoice, and put the tracking ID in place. Here are some prominent features of the shipping extension of the marketplace table cost.

Marketplace Weight Item Shipping

  • Both invoices slips are available to download by Vendor/Seller.
  • The Seller can Download all shipping slips.

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