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Magento 2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

User Guide

Shipping in Magento 2 marketplace module is a much-needed feature for the sellers that’s why we created an add-on for Table Rate Shipping. Magento 2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping module allows the seller to add the shipping rates through the CSV files from their end. This shipping module is helpful for order confirmation, tracking number from seller and print invoice. Marketplace Table Rate Shipping module helps the seller to manage the shipping table rate in an easy way. Magento 2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping module is an add-on of Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module, you must have installed first Magento 2 Marketplace module.

  • Seller can add shipping rates using CSV file for table rates.
  • Shipping will be calculated based on ZIP and weight of the product.
  • Shipping cost will be calculated as per the seller or vendor.
  • The seller can confirm the order and can set the tracking ID for the order.
  • Shipping rates will populate based on CSV during checkout.
  • The seller can add Invoice & Packing slip address, VAT, TAX information.
  • Ability to download Invoice & Shipping slip easily.
  • The codes are open so it can be customized easily.

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