Magento 2 Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

Proper e-commerce shipping strategy is one of the most important steps to grow your business.

In the marketplace, it is very tedious to manage the shipping based on the seller location, the weight of the product, the price of the product, and the customer’s destination.

With the help Marketplace Table Rate Shipping for Magento 2 module the seller can to create custom shipping methods from the seller panel. The shipping cost will be calculated based on country, ZIP code, the weight of the product, Cart price etc.

This module will help you to –

If you create only one custom shipping rule at a time, then you are wasting your productive time. Time, which you can use to enhance your e-commerce business.

In this module, you can add shipping rates in bulk by uploading the CSV file.

If you want to set shipping cost according to Zipcode range then you can add the shipping rules in the CSV file.

Like – 10 USD from 201301 to 201500, 20 USD from 201501 to 201600 and rest of the entities will be the same

If you want to set shipping cost according to product weight then you can easily add the shipping rules in the CSV file.

Like – 5 USD from 1kg  to 10 kg, 10 USD from 11 kg to 20 kg and rest of the entities will be the same.


If sellers want to apply shipping charges according to cart price then sellers can create Shipping SuperSet. In Shipping SuperSet, the seller can add a shipping cost for a cart price range. Like –

– Shipping cost 10 USD for the cart price from 100 USD to 200 USD.

– Shipping Cost 20 USD for the cart price 201 USD to 400 USD.


After placing the order, the module allows the seller to choose any third-party logistics (UPS, USPS, Aramex etc. ) to ship the product as per requirement.

You can choose any third party logistics which provides the best delivery experience to customers.

If customers will get fast delivery without any damage. Then for sure, this part also helps to increase sales conversion.

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