Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors

Marketplace Import Vendors

If you are having your eCommerce marketplace, then you must know the seller’s traffic on the same. So to manage them in a proper way is become very important.

Moreover, between this, if you also have to register the seller on the marketplace one by one. Then it must become very hectic for you. So here you will be needing some solution for your marketplace, which leads your way easy

Here the Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors module comes into the picture. So now, let’s discuss the use case of this module.

Let’s take an example if the marketplace owner has to upload a huge number of vendor profiles from the back-end. Then it gets a very tedious task for them. They need to create the vendor profile one by one from the back-end and it indulges hours. Also, the chances of making mistakes while creating the profile got to increase.

To solve this problem of the store owner, the store owner must introduce Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors module into their marketplace. This module is one only solution to this problem. It helps the store owner to bulk import the vendor profile into the marketplace.

Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors: This extension allows the admin to add a bulk number of vendors into the marketplace. The admin can download the sample files and then upload bulk vendor data using CSV, XLS, XML files. The admin can see the list of all uploaded vendors. The vendors will get notified through the mail after uploading their profiles. They can set the new password for their account.

  • The Magento 2 store owner can bulk upload the vendor profiles.
  • The store admin can download the sample vendor upload files in CSV, XLS, XML formats.
  • View a complete list of imported vendors.
  • Set a custom profile label.
  • Email notification to the seller in uploading the profile.
  • The sellers can set the password from their end.

There is a total of three sample files that are available for uploading the vendor in the bulk. i.e CSV, XML, XLS. The admin has the advantage to use any of the sample files for uploading the sellers on the marketplace.

The store owner can very conveniently download any of the available sample files. And can start entering the vendors into the same.

Once, the file is uploaded, the store owner can also label the profile for their convenience.

Import Vendors

Import Vendors

Also, it becomes easy for the marketplace sellers to see the vendors attribute.

This module provides easy navigation to check the complete list of the uploaded vendor under a list.

Vendors Profiles

The email notification helps to inform the vendors that they are registered on the marketplace successfully.

Marketplace Import Vendors

Once the store owner has imported the file, then after getting processed, the vendors will receive the email notification. In the email, they can see a link from where the can set the password for the marketplace account.

Also, In the email, the vendors can see what access they have through their marketplace accounts.


Before discussing the topic any further, let’s have a quick brief about the Vendor Attribute Manager module.

Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Attribute Manager module allows the admin to create a vendor’s custom attributes. Vendors can fill the attributes on the registration page and can update these attributes on the vendor profile page.

To know how the admin can create the vendor attribute, you can click here.

After creating the attribute for the vendor, the admin can select the same for the uploading vendors.

Vendors Attribute

The marketplace owner can add that created attribute of the vendor under the sample file. And upload it.

mass upload

Now, let’s conclude this blog article, with the help of Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors, the store owner can bulk import the vendor profile into the marketplace. It helps to solve the hassle in adding the seller one by one in the marketplace for the owners.

Thus, that’s all for the Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors. Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket from here. Also, let us know your views or suggestion.

We will be very happy to help you!

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