Magento 2 Marketplace Advanced Booking System

Magento 2 Marketplace Advanced Booking System is the module meant for a special product type that is Booking Product.

With the growing demand of online business, we are now giving a feature in this module where dynamic booking of events, hotels, and other services can be generated.

With this module, the store owner can allow sellers to sell booking based product on the Magento store.

The customer can conveniently look for bookings such as Appointment booking, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.

With a superb UI/UX the module works on top of the Magento MVC and ORM system. With this module, the customer can generate fast booking of the products.

The module is a major hit is today’s world because-

The customer need not struggle with the booking process. They can directly look for the product on the website for the desired service. This will help them to save time and additional efforts.

They can look for the booking of the desired service from anywhere and anytime. This will save them for waiting at the registration desk of event, hotel, event, doctor and many other such places.

Multiple sellers can showcase their services on the marketplace for the customer to purchase. Being the best solution for the service industry it deals with multiple products as-

  • Appointment Booking-

This type of services covers booking like doctor appointment, lawyer’s appointment, architect appointment, and many such appointments.

Therefore, the store owner and sellers can create slots, under this type of booking and other information related to the booking like the contact details, slot duration, and other details.appointment

Now, the customer can view the details of the appointment and as per the best suitable choice can accomplish the booking.

  • Event Booking-

This nature of booking can be for a music concert, talk show, dance show and other similar types of events.

The customer now needs not to stand in the queue for event tickets or look in newspaper and brochure for getting the information about the event.

So, the introduction of the module can help the event organizers in spreading of information about the event as now they can simply share the detail on the website.

Hence, for this,  under the Booking Type select the option as ‘Event Booking‘ and mention the venue details along with other details related to the event.


Hence, the customer can from the frontend of the website can quickly checkout with the tickets to enjoy the event.

  • Rental Booking-

The renting out of products like cycle, house, car, and more such product is much easy with the module as the customer can find them on a website.

Hence, now the admin and seller can add the product to the website by entering the rental information as Quantity of the Product, Renting Type( Hourly based, Daily Based, or both) and other information.Rental

The customer can rent out the product from the product page as per desired renting options and duration.

So, here the admin and seller can manage the inventory of returned product by manually updating the stock.

  • Hotel Booking-

This is the most famous type of booking as if you are new to a city, then becomes very difficult for you to know about the nearby hotels. The best solution in such case is to look for the hotels online.

Thus, the customer can select the desired hotel by going through the rating ad attached reference image.Hotel

Now, the admin and seller can enter information related to the hotel room, like- room type, hotel view, location of the hotel, and other booking information like- Price per night and amenities provided in the hotel.

  • Table Booking-

Now the customer can easily book a table at the restaurant, without the requirement of visiting the hotel.

This type of Booking Product requires the admin and seller to enter the details of the restaurant which involves the charge calculation as per Guest, Plates or Table, and other similar details.Table

  • Default Booking-

The module has an additional booking type present in the module that allows the creation of booking. These products are One Booking for Many Days and Many to One Day Booking.

The customer can order these products in a similar way as other products of Advance Booking System.

Now, the admin and seller both can easily manage the Booking products orders. Here, the seller can manage the booking of their products separately.

The admin can manage the booking of all sellers. However, the customer can manage their booking for customer end.

Now the store owner can accelerate the booking process by introduction of the app.

The Magento 2 Booking App can help in the creation of booking at a much faster pace as the app can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Note- This app is for default Magento 2, however, it could be customized for the Marketplace also.

That’s all for the module, if you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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