Magento Marketplace Seller Groups

User Guide

Magento Marketplace Seller Groups allows admin to categories seller into Gold, Platinum, Silver and many more groups. These Groups will restrict seller to upload a certain amount of product to his account, e.g. it will limit the number of product upload. Admin can restrict seller/vendors based on product quantity & time.

This module is an add-on of Marketplace Module. To use this module, you must have installed first marketplace module.

  1. Admin can define seller to a group.
  2. By group limitation, the seller will be restricted to product upload.
  3. Admin driven assignment.
  4. Seller groups can be Platinum, Gold, Silver and many more.
  5. Recurring payment with Paypal Express Checkout is provided for seller’s payment.
  6. Check can be applied for products, Time and Time & product together.
  7. Admin can also view all the associated recurring profile for any particular Seller Group.
  8. In the recurring profile, the seller has the options like Cancel, Suspend & Get update.
  9. Easy and manageable from the usage point of view.

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