Magento Marketplace Seller Credit Management System

User Guide

Magento Marketplace Seller Credit Management System is used to create credit points for the customers. By using the credits, buyer can have some relaxation on the total price. Using this module Seller can offer credit points based on their rules. Buyer can apply multiple seller’s credits.

To use this add-on, you have to install Webkul Magento Marketplace first and then this add-on will function as this add-on is only compatible with Webkul Marketplace only.

  1. Seller can set price per credit point.
  2. Seller can create credit rules.
  3. The buyer can see their credit details.
  4. The buyer can apply multiple seller’s credits on the same order and also delete them.
  5. Admin can view seller’s credit from the back-end.
  6. Credit points are applied on total sales, product price and particular product.
  7. Admin can view the seller’s credit and other info associated with it.
  8. Admin can pay to the seller by deducting the credit amount.
  9. Total Credit: Here the buyer can view the seller name, total number of credit and the amount for “total credits”.
  10. Total Debit: Here the buyer can see the number of points debited and the amount debited.
  11. Remaining Credit: Here buyer can view total credit, debited credit and remaining credit.

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