Magento Marketplace Favourite Seller

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By the help of Magento marketplace Favourite Seller, buyer/customers can add the seller to their “favorite seller” list. The buyer can view the latest added products of their favorite seller. Even the seller can view their followers and send mails to the followers notifying about the lasted added product, about discount, etc.

This is an add-on of Magento Marketplace. This add-on will only work with Webkul Magento Marketplace.


  1. The buyer can add their favorite Seller shop.
  2. The buyer can receive a notification message from the seller.
  3. The buyer can see all the update and the latest product added by the seller.
  4. The buyer can view the collection page of the favourite seller.
  5. The buyer can view all the products category.
  6. Buyer can also delete their favorite seller.
  7. Seller can see and delete their shop followers.
  8. Seller can send an Email to their followers.