Magento Marketplace Business Directory

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Magento Marketplace Business Directory module allows the seller to add the directory feature in the Marketplace. This module allows the seller to add the listing and the user or customer can search and filter the listing using the standard searches like alphabetical search and keyword search. The seller can add the directory with various attributes like categories, maps, and locations. This module also allows the admin to categories seller into Gold, Platinum, Silver and many more groups. These Groups will restrict seller from adding directories in the Marketplace.

Magento Marketplace Business Directory is an add-on of Magento Marketplace Module. To use this module, you must have installed Magento Marketplace module.

Features of Magento Marketplace Business Directory:

  • While configuring this module, admin can select the root category and the page layout.
  • The admin can set “Yes” or “No” for the automatic approval of Seller’s Directory.
  • The admin can set Unlimited or put Limit to the Seller adding Directory.
  • The admin can set check-on Time, Directory and both- Time & Directory.
  • The admin can manage the reasons for Directory Report Reasons.
  • Recurring payment with Paypal Express Checkout is provided for seller’s payment.
  • Seller groups can be Platinum, Gold, Silver and many more.
  • In the recurring profile, the admin has options like Cancel, Suspend & Get update.
  • Admin can see reports, claims, and contact for any Directory.