Hyperlocal Mobile App For Magento

With the eCommerce growing on a much faster pace where ideas are getting scrap back to the older one like the relevance of having a local eCommerce which is increasing day by day.

In the recent studies done by Google, “Near me” searches have become immensely popular. With the volume growth of above 130% over the year 2014 to 2015.

Hyperlocal Marketplace is a marketplace add-on through which you can easily convert your website into a local marketplace with the target of approaching the nearby audience.

With the rise of the technology getting handier and the increase of the competition over the online business.

More people are jumping into the business, in such scenarios having your hyperlocal marketplace and hyperlocal mobile app will help you establish your space in the market.

With the Magento Marketplace model gaining importance in the e-commerce system. The urge of the Hyperlocal marketplace integrated with the marketplace is getting hyped.

Having a Hyperlocal Marketplace gives us a head start over other due to its faster delivery which is beneficial for the business like food, medicines, and groceries.

Many Industries like the service based and travel are based on this concept and are flourishing too.

For Example: Traveling home, purchasing grocery, ordering food from your nearby favourite restaurant or having a service person for your household works.

This model will work for all those scenarios and will help you provide the utilities at your doorstep.

With this app, you will no longer have to stick to your laptop or desktop instead you can access the website with the help of your smartphone from anywhere.

Let suppose, you have a hyperlocal marketplace website, the seller has to access the web panel each time to add the new product or edit the existing products. This will make the sellers work a little difficult.

But with this app, the seller has access to the product add or edit using the mobile application.

The seller can also manage the store like editing the store address, contact details etc through the Hyperlocal Mobile app.

The module offers location-based search results which will help the customer see products that are available to them by the range as set by the seller.

For Example

Case1: Let suppose you land up in a place whose exact address is unknown to you. This often gets ugly when you want to make an online purchase.

Wrong address or manually entered address mostly leads the courier guy ending up in the wrong location.

This module will automatically detect the place and display out the product available in that region.

Case2: If you are at someplace else and want to order a product or food for someone located far from you.
In that case, how will you know which products are available in that region?

This app saves you in that too, by allowing you to add the location manually.

For most of us, faster delivery plays a crucial role when it comes to keeping strong feet into the online marketplace. This is quite a difficult task as the process of shipping will involve many entities which may lead to a lag in the delivery flow.

Using the Hyperlocal app will resolve the problem of matching quick demand with the nearest available supplier in the most efficient way.

Let’s take an example, for better understanding suppose you require your favourite orchids in your living room or wish to order food from an excellent restaurant or need to book a table at your favourite restaurant for today’s dinner while enjoying the comforts of your drawing room.

All this can be made feasible by using Hyperlocal Mobile App from your nearest store in the minimal time frame.


This App is an add-on of Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Marketplace Multi Vendor Module first.

This App is also an add-on of Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Magento. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Marketplace Hyperlocal System For Magento first.

That’s all for the Hyperlocal Mobile APP. If you have any issue, please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at https://webkul.uvdesk.com

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