Magento 2 Vendors Category Page

Magento 2 Vendors Category Page extension allows the admin to select the vendors for the display settings and the additional vendor grid for that specific category. This will allow additional admin functionality.

Using this module, the admin will be given an additional option in the category display settings to select the vendors for that particular category as ‘Sellers Only’ and an additional vendor grid. The admin can select Sellers Only as a view mode for category pages with the aid of this module. The admin can even select the vendors for that particular category from the vendor grid.

Thus, only those sellers who have products in their product collection from that particular category will appear on the grid of the vendor (seller). When customers click on the category for which the ‘Seller Only’ admin option is selected at the front end, customers can view the list of sellers instead of their products.

And by clicking on it, customers can also access the vendor list on the category side. As a consequence, this extension would allow the list of sellers to be accessed by customers.

Please Note – This is a marketplace add-on, so you must install Webkul’s Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 first.

In their product set, only those lists of sellers that have the products in that specific category would appear. But it is one of the most essential components to draw the customer.

Admin can get an additional vendor grid to select the vendors for that particular category. Category-specific to the products in their respective stores.

This will enable the customer to search conveniently for a specific product sold by the seller. This form of feature is very useful where the structure of the marketplace is huge. Where a lot of products are dealt with by multiple sellers. 

In such situations, the categories of the vendor can be very helpful in optimizing the process of product searches for the buyer.

Duplication of the seller’s categories is avoiding because the categories are now exclusive to the seller, which means that only the seller is allocating to the category produce by the seller. And, this will only be available on the vendor profile page.

With time, it is clear that the number of sellers who register on your website will increase as one intends to broaden the horizons of their marketplace.

Among the many choices available on the market, this scenario could complicate things for customers when looking for their favorite seller or store.

In such a way that it offers its customers a streamlined category procedure, the Show list is one of the best solutions. By selecting the category and listing the seller of the products available in the seller’s shop, buyers can search for the product of their choice.

  • For a particular category, the admin may select a seller.
  • More vendors will be able to come and register to sell their products.
  • The list of sellers or stores lists on the marketplace landing page.
  • Visiting customers can quickly check the marketplace’s sellers.
  • In the chosen category, customers will view the vendors.
  • To access the selection list, customers can click on the vendor in the selected category.

The administrator may set the module as an additional facility to manage or view the categories of the vendor. Categories can help the seller explain their product in a better way. So the admin can set the view mode to “Sellers only” and the admin can show each category’s sellers.

Magento 2 Vendors Category Page Admin

Customers can view the list of sellers instead of their products. By clicking on it, customers can also access the vendor list page displayed on the category page. All the sellers and their products are easy to search. A vendor list and a selection of products are easy to scan for and display.

Magento 2 Vendors Category Page

Customers can display the complete collection of any specific seller. The customer will have the desired product in this way and this feature will allow the customer to stay connected to the store. This would make it easier for the customer to recognize the product and seller. This will increase customer satisfaction with the seller of the product and store.

Magento 2 Vendors Category Collection Page

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