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In the era of industries, taking top positions is not that easy. Meanwhile, holding that top position is harder. Nowadays, companies are maintaining their position, stock photos, and productivity.

Every company wants to grow every single minute to maintain its aura. Most importantly companies can’t rely on any single aspect.

Somewhere reason behind this is: lack of promotion, licensing, and the copyright on their product/work.

Business productivity


The myth is who deserves can easily reach the peak, whereas the reality is they take care of all the extents which include inventory, productivity, publicity, copyrights, and other business aspects.

From the above-mentioned aspects, the various concerned are “Promotion” and “Copyrights”.

Either you own a small business or an online store, these two aspects need a lot of supervision and protection.

  • Provide Product’s Glimpse

You can always introduce your brand new product before its launching by giving a glimpse of it. Reveal some of the attractive features that fascinate the customers.

  • Share Product on Social Sites

For better publicity, you should share some of the attractive pictures or videos of your store on social channels. You can create your shop’s account on the social channels.

  • Generate Ads

Nowadays, this way of promoting your store is very productive. A huge traffic of people is busy in social sites like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You can add your store’s ad while they are watching movie or scrolling new feeds

  • Write emails

Most of the business authorities and even non-professionals use emails. If any new product or sale is there in your store then you can send broadcast emails to your users and the guest users of your store.

  • Organize events on your store

Hosting events like open mics, singing events to publicize your store is never a bad deal. Those events will promote your store with a wide range of customers.

Before moving forward on this, first, discuss what are copyright issues.

Let’s go with an example :

When a songwriter allows the singing artist to record any of their lyrics then that artist signs a proper agreement including all the rights and details of the ownership of that song.

Then, if another singer tries to record the same song the first artist can take legal actions under copyright issues against him. Copyright issues can be considered as work-stealing.

Now let’s get back to the points which reduces the chances of Copyright issues :

  • Copyright Registration

Register the copyright of your store via mail or online. First, you have to apply then you have to wait till objection. And then you have to go through some fancy process for the registration approval.

  • Assitance from Copyright counsel

Even if you have registered the copyright some of your work can be theft. If you have gone through any of them then you can contact your counseller and can take legal actions.

  • Copyright symbol and Stock photos 

This is one of the most appropriate and inexpensive way to reduce the copyright issues. You just have to make some stock photos and use them in your work.

Stock photos are the images which can be any text or image. The best thing which defines stock photos is watermark. A watermark can be a text or photo. Below image shows how it looks in the backend.

It may include your company name, Company Logo, any specific text.

You may have noticed that when a photographer clicks any picture a watermark is present somewhere in the picture either small or covering the whole picture. Below is the example of watermark image:

Stock Photos

On the left side of the picture the photographer has used the watermark of some specific text “WEBKUL” and is a secure picture. The watermark text or image can be Transparent or Solid.

Whereas on the right side of the picture, there is no watermark present so this picture is not secure as that of the picture on the left side, anyone can use this image freely.

To use the watermark it should be designed by some proper licensing authority or marketplace.

Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace has an amazing extension in which the admin can create the stock photos and watermark for the sellers and the customers.

Consider yourself as a CEO of some company named EXAMPLE PVT. LTD. and now you want a watermark.

You can use watermark in your works like your company’s photographs, products and even you can print them in the company’s notebooks and diaries, on the company’s agreement as well.

Let’s see what all you can do with this module as an admin :

  • Suppose need a watermark of type “Text”. Now, you have a variety of configurations you can add for the text which includes: Watermark Text,

Text Watermark Type


  • Image watermarks have been one of the best ways to attract customers. Now you can add configurations like Watermark image, Image width, and Image height.

Image Watermark Type

So, we have seen that there are various options available in which you can customize the watermark. Now you have your personalized watermark and you can add it in your works in the following ways :

  • You can use your watermark officially with all rights.
  • You can customize the watermark as you want.
  • Incredible watermarks can be created as you can add any specific image or text.
  • If anyone tries to steal your work which has your watermark on it then you have all the rights to take legal actions against them.
  • Your data and work will be secured and organized.

Answer to this question is “Yes”. This module has a feature to legally share your images with the one you want. You can sell your image without watermark to those who genuinely need it.

An image in the cart is very rare. But, this module provided that too. As a customer one can buy the image like other products, such an amazing feature. The product page looks like this:

Image - Add to Cart

Not only this, a proper checkout process is followed in this. Now, the question is “What customers receive after this?”, it’s the image that is shown below:

Real Image Download

Like this, the seller shared the image with the customer legally and now you know that who all are using your images without watermark. That’s all for the Magento 2 Stock photos Marketplace.

If you have any issue then feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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