Magento 2 Marketplace Order Attachment

Magento 2 Marketplace order attachment is useful in managing the order documents that require attachment in any order.

These attachments can be seen and get upload by the store owner, seller, or by customer.

Order attachment is vital in our day-to-day life. For example, if you’re buying any car at the time of car purchasing you need its documents.

magento 2 marketplace order attachment


Order attachment is editable, too. This makes management easy if anyone wants to change the attachment by approving it, disapproving, and making the attachment mandatory for any product.


The store owner can make attachments mandatory for customers while placing an order or after placing an order too.

Moreover, the store owner can manage the maximum size and the minimum size of the attachment file, and the number of file uploads.

Also, the expiry date can be set by the store owner for the attachment of any order. This makes it easy and hassle-free for the store owner to look after the attachments.

As well as by setting the status of attachments the seller can see the attachments of order by color coordination.

Order status attachments

The addition of any comment can also be done by the seller for the attachment.

Seller adding comment

Sellers will get information about the order which has pending attachments or attachments which expire. Along with this seller can also set the expiry date of the attachment.

seller set expiry

The seller can also comment and reason if the attachment does not get approve. This is helpful for buyers as they can know the reason for attachment disapproval.

seller disapprove attachment

The buyer can easily upload the attachments while placing the order, but if case buyer forgets, they can add the attachments after placing the order too.

Magento 2 Marketplace order attachment


Store owners can set each product separately products that require attachments or not.attachment is required

Communication gets simpler by the email notification set by the store owner for the customers. Customers will get notified over email about the order attachments.

Admin Email settings

This module also allows the store owner to take the actions on the attachments. They can approve, disapprove and delete it.

Along with this, they can view the comment on the attachments if done by the seller and customer.

Admin action order attachments

Like sellers, store owners can also set the expiry date of any attachments. This feature is vital for making records up to date.

For example, the expiry date of any medicine, car registration, and many more.

Admin set attachment expiry

This module also supports the store owners in managing the attachment configurations too. Like how many attachments can be added, the Extention of an attachment file, size, and many more.

Hence Magento 2 Marketplace order attachment is beneficial for sellers, store owners, and buyers which makes the order attachment easy and hassle-free.

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