Magento 2 Marketplace Braintree Payment Gateway

User Guide

Magento 2 Marketplace Braintree Payment Gateway allows the seller to add Braintree Payment Gateway for their products. This module is designed to simplify the payment process for online Magento store. Using this module customer can do the transaction with a reliable and secure payment gateway.

It will provide an easy refund process to their customers. The admin and the seller both can refund the invoiced amount. And both have the option to partially refund the amount as well.

This module is an add-on of Magento2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed first Magento2 Marketplace.

Note : Online refund by seller and admin will be applicable when the transaction status is “Settled”.

  • Allow all types of cards supported by the Braintree.
  • Latest Braintree Drop-in UI used for checkout page.
  • Fully PCI Compliant, no card details submitted to the client’s server.
  • The admin can enable vault to store card details.
  • The customer can re-use card details if saved in the vault.
  • The admin can enable escrow seller fund to release in future.
  • The admin can set to release escrow amount automatically (using cron, will execute daily at 1 am).
  • The admin can define when to release escrow amount in the number of days.
  • The admin can also manually release escrowed amount for a particular transaction in the order.
  • The admin can refund the invoiced amount.
  • The admin can partially refund invoiced amount.
  • Enable/disable payment method from admin panel.
  • The seller can refund Braintree transactions online.
  • The seller can also partially refund the order.
  • The payment automatically splits to sellers at the time of checkout.
  • The seller can become sub merchant by providing required details, and able to receive funds if payment is done by Marketplace Braintree Payment Method.
  • Braintree hooks are used to check the sub-merchant status and update seller accordingly, and to inform the seller about transaction disbursement, cancel or any dispute.

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