Learning Management Marketplace for Magento 2

Learning Management System facilitates an online learning process. Most of all, it establishes a connection between learners and trainers all around the globe. Some of the live examples are udemy, coursera.org, and many more.

It helps to save time along with the cost. An online learning platform offers a wide range of courses. That the learners can access in just a few clicks. Also, learners can even track the progress of their respective course(s).

Along with time, things are changing rapidly. As we are aware that, digitization is taking over in the modern growing era. You can see its effects in every corner of our society.

So in enlighting, digitization is playing a vital role in changing the scenario of how education is carried out. And yes, here we will discuss the online courses.

Nowadays, most of all the learners are preferring online courses. Online courses are popularly known as the Distance Learning Program. Also, it is known as a Learning Management System. LMS has come into existence that helps to bring the trainers and learners together. And that too on a single platform.

Webkul - Why Sell Courses Online

It helps in making a compact and easy space where the learners and the trainers can come and meet. Most of all, without going anywhere, one can impart knowledge and another one. And gain knowledge through and across their systems.

This feature can be implemented through the integration of the LMS into your online stores. This way the marketplace owner and the sellers can offer their customers of online courses. It can be offered under a specific category. Now the marketplace users can choose to buy the desired courses.

LMS Marketplace for Magento 2 helps the store owner and the sellers to create the course type of product. And they can allow the customer to purchase the courses online from their store.


It facilitates the store owner and the sellers to create various trending online courses for the customers. Also, it creates a common platform where both the customers and trainers can communicate at the same time. It helps the customers to gain knowledge.

LMS initiates easy access to online information. It also provides an upper hand for the marketplace owners in high sales conversions.

Learning Management System is one of the prime entity of corporate companies. The reason is quite clear, LMS offers a common platform for training and knowledge sharing.

Moving on, let us put some light on the essential features of the Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Have an easy navigation process for offering online courses, as it brings more users.webkul-magento2-learning-management-system-product-collection-page-2
  • Report Generation for assessing the learner’s presence and course duration.
  • Facilitates the notifications & messaging feature.Marketplace-LMS-reply-added
  • A mandate social media interaction for effective knowledge sharing.social-share-icons-visibility
  • Must be accessible through other devices such as a tablet, desktop, cellphone, etc.
  • The trainer can offer various types of courses under the online training program.webkul-magento2-learning-management-system-lms-purchased-courses

LMS has proven its worth to be a cost-saving option to gain knowledge for the users. It can access at any time anywhere.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of integrating the LMS feature into your marketplace.

The Store owners can offer a wide range of online courses over a single platform.

webkul- One platform Many Courses

No one can deny the fact that integrating the LMS helps in time as well as cost reduction. The online training program saves time for the learners. And also provide an efficient learning procedure.

Webkul - Time and Cost-Saving Program

The LMS eases and simplifies the way of the online learning process. It is carried out without any hassle as the aspirants get to choose the courses as per the need.

Webkul - Easy Training Process

As digitalization is advancing, the aspirants get to experience digital learning through videos, audios, graphics, etc.

Webkul-Offers Exhilarating Digital Experience

By summing up this article, you can see the benefits of using the LMS module for Magento 2 your store. This module offers an opportunity for store owners to sell online courses in their stores.

Moreover, if you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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