Laravel Marketplace Advanced Commission

Running a marketplace is hard and as a store owner, you will need a lot of resources. So, the commission scheme is the primary revenue model for any multi-vendor shop. laravel-marketplace-advanced-commission

Laravel Marketplace Advanced Commission module gives the ability to the admin to set commission for products, categories, and seller categories.

Note:-This module is an add-on for the Marketplace Module, so the Marketplace module must be installed before installing this module.

  • The admin can set commission on products and categories.
  • Admin can set commission on categories specific to Seller.
  • The admin can set commission on products and categories together.
  •  Admin can also decide the type of commission as a percentage or fixed for categories.
  • The commission on the product will get higher priority.
  • Admin can also add new commission rules.
  • The admin can delete/edit the commission rule.

The commission is the best revenue model where the admin split the earning with vendors. The admin also gets a share of every transaction that takes place at admin’s platform.

The admin can check the commission in the order details.

The admin can set the commission for products, categories and seller categories. The admin can also use commission rule

If any product lies under various categories on which the admin has set the commission, then, in this case, the highest commission will be applicable to the product.

The main benefit for admin is that the admin can set the commission accordingly.

Note:- If the admin has set advanced commission for both the per-category commission and seller category commission then seller category commission will apply first.

The admin can select between the Fixed and Percentage that will be applied for per category commission and per seller category commission.

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