Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension

Hyperlocal Marketplace is very popular nowadays this article as all about laravel eCommerce Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension.
Let’s start off by establishing an idea about what the Hyperlocal System is. What if you are hungry at half-past two and discover no restaurant is open around your locality?

The first thing that strikes your mind is the app. From which you can instantly order food and kill hunger at any time of the day.

This is the beauty of a Hyperlocal System. A Hyperlocal System basically provides services and deliveries to the users in a specific geographical area.

The main purpose of a Hyperlocal System is to reach out to a specific mass, so as to provide the best of services to that part of the crowd.

Consider the following case. You plan to open a restaurant/ store near, say, sector 63, Noida. Your main target is the employees of the corporate companies around sector 63 as it is a corporate area completely.

Once your business runs successfully in an area once, you may plan to spread your business horizons to multiple areas, covering the whole town/ city.

Therefore, Hyperlocal has become an important aspect of the E-Commerce industry.


For instance, your old aged grandfather suffers from a prolonged back injury and all of a sudden the pain kicks in and the person is not in a condition to move.

What will you do in such emergency conditions? Run from pillar to post looking for a doctor? Not a very good idea indeed! Here’s where the role of the Hyperlocal System comes into play.

Another example which will better explain a Hyperlocal System is as follows.

A person working for a private firm will prefer buying grocery online rather than standing in a long queue after a long, hectic day.

Therefore the Hyperlocal System has become an essential part of each one’s life. Be it medical amenities, or food stores, grocery or nearby restaurant, the Hyperlocal System has it all for you.

Well, you can also create a Hyperlocal Marketplace in Bagisto by using the extension “Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension”.

Note:-This module is an add-on of the Laravel Marketplace module. To use Laravel Marketplace Delivery Time Slot must have installed the first Laravel Marketplace Module.

With the help of this module, the admin can create a hyperlocal marketplace where the sellers can add their location where they can provide their service. The customers can enter their location and can check the available sellers and products in that particular location.


The seller can also enter zip codes where the service for that particular seller is available.

Whenever the customer will enter the shop, the customer needs to enter their location or the zip code in the pop-up and click on the save button to save the location.


As soon as the customer enters the location, on the frontend of the website the customer will be able to see all the sellers who are available near the customer location.


  • Seller will be able to add multiple shop’s zipcodes.
  • Products will be visible of seller’s which matches the customer’s location.
  • Admin can set a single seller/multi-seller checkout.
  • Customer will be able to view all sellers in its area.
  • TheCustomer will be able to view all the products available in its area.
  • Customer will be able to view all the products available of a particular seller.

Hey guys that all for “Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension”.

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