Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace

Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace Extention Convert your Bagisto store into B2B Marketplace like Alibaba, Indiamart. Bagisto B2B Marketplace will create an online platform where business buyers and suppliers around the globe can connect and do business transactions with each other.

There are 2 types of eCommerce marketplace B2C(Business to Customer) and B2B(Business to Business).  In Business to Customer e-commerce, the customer is a final consumer. But in Business to Business e-commerce the customer is another company.

B2B marketplaces can be set up easily as compared to the physical stores.B2B marketplace is an effective way to reach new customers which include customers which include retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and traders, etc.

Due to a large number of products, the price is also less. The B2B eCommerce business model has more market stability. In the B2B marketplace, the suppliers got the buying leads that can be converted into an opportunity. B2B marketplace can be a fast and efficient way of trading.

  • Each supplier will also have a separate microsite.
  • Buying leads option work only if Suppliers have selected categories prior to the Supplier settings.
  • Supplier verification process
  • Social channels of suppliers also.
  • Supplier policies
  • The supplier can alsoadd also banner, shop logo custom HTML text.
  • Customers can also create a quick order. Separate seller’s product collection.
  • Feedback and review system with interactive star rating. Contact Supplier support.
  • Supplier dashboard for analyzing sales, review, and customers also.
  • Interactive Seller Dashboard.
  • Send quotation request to the supplier.
  • Featured products section.
  • Supplier / Vendor Enable disable from the admin of the store.
  • This module also provides an attractive landing page with the top 4 Suppliers with their top 5 products.
  • Allow to Supplier to edit shop URL for Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
  • Admin can also do the Landing page setting.
  • Product Edit and Delete option on Supplier panel.
  • Latest order at Supplier dashboard and order management.
  • Supplier/Vendor transaction report at supplier panel.
  • All currencies Supported.

The new user can easily sign up and can register as a supplier to sell their products in Bagisto B2B Marketplace. On the basis of the configuration of the admin, the supplier can register and start their business.

After successful registration depending upon the configuration of approval the supplier will be approved. If it is auto, then the supplier will be auto-approved else, the admin needs to manually approve the supplier.

The supplier dashboard gives a complete overview of business performance. A supplier can check different metrics and graphs for their business performance. It will help them to analyze the performance and improve operations.


Once the supplier has provided all the information about its shop, the customers can view the same information on the supplier profile page. Customers can also view banner, company name, ratings, address, contact details, policy information, etc.

There is a message system available for the suppliers and buyers so that they can message each other regarding any query.

The sellers can check the message sent by the customers in their dashboard.

Quick Order functionality allows a customer to quickly purchase the products without visiting respective individual product pages.

The buyer can send a quote request to a supplier mentioning their requirements with the expected price. Request a quote option is available on the supplier profile as well. Customers can also send a buying lead request from the product page also.

By summing up this article, you can see the benefits of the B2B marketplace. Using this plugin both the admin and suppliers can have the privilege to develop a marketplace for wholesale. Wholesale dealers can join the marketplace as a supplier and can get benefitted from a large customer base.

That’s all for Laravel Ecommerce B2B Marketplace Still, have any issue also feel free to add a ticket at

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