How To Integrate Amazon S3 To Your Marketplace Website

If you have a Multi-Vendor website, where the lots of data is stored it can be in the form of images, downloadable products(videos, and pdf etc).

The issue that arises the most is the security of those images/videos, their proper backup, and easy access whenever needed.

Doing all this will increase the load on your server which may lead to a lag in the website which may lead to the loss in customer and sales.

Using this module, you will no longer have to worry about the security, loss or lag on your Marketplace website which may cause due to downloadable products which may sometimes take GBs, TBs of storage on your server.

The module offers the sellers to upload files of downloadable products from their local disk to the Amazon server.

This module will help you to –

On-demand Scalability

If you are running a store which sells eBooks, photographs, music, themes, and other digital downloads, then storing all that data on your store can be the heck of a job.

Transferring your data while hosting your own server is expensive and time-consuming too.

With this module, you can add as many digital downloadable products as you want without thinking of any storage issues that may encounter while using a local server.

This will help your marketplace network to grow further.

Easily Available Anywhere and Everywhere

There may occur times when your local server may face downtime. There may be a possibility that you can encounter unavailability of your site. Due to which the sales and customer may distort which may affect your business.

But with this module, URLs are generated for the respective digital download on Amazon S3. The Amazon S3 replicates your data on the different server.

download link

So even if the server goes down. The product will be available to the customer anytime and from anywhere.

Enhanced Browsing Experience

Saving digital downloads over your local server may slow up the browsing speed and increase on the data load will lag your website no matter how rich the configurations are.

Using this module will make the browsing experience better for the customer.

As the data stored is on the Amazon server, the server speed will comparatively increase providing the customer to shop and browse on the website without any issues.

Secures The Data

Just like Shipping and Delivery are some crucial parts of the eCommerce site, security and reliability are crucial for downloadable products.

If you own a dedicated server, it may or may not follow security measures that lead to risk. You will be under a constant tread of getting hacked. Adding data on the Amazon S3, secures the data accessed by the owner only.

It provides encryption for both secure storage and secure transit.

Apart from the encryption, the data stored is not localized so it is much more protected against natural calamities like tsunami, fire or hurricane etc.

Once the data is uploaded, data transfers over automatic encryption and SSL.

The Various key added on the backend of the module that secures the data are shown below.

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